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  1. I have not yet decided what my niche should be, so I am thinking of different options and throwing questions out to all of you. Hope you don't mind . Has anyone ever marketed to residences for organizing their finances and helping to create an emergency file? This would come in helpful if any of the following took place: death of a spouse, fire, purse stolen, house broken into, etc. You would document all valuables using both video and computer program. They would have two copies, one kept away from their house. It would list all wallet contents, insurance policies, mortgage info, emergency contacts, etc.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has every marketed to Hotels to get executive clients that may be visiting your city. I was thinking of offering a small brochure listing services. Has anyone done this or does anyone have any tips of how I should go about it? Do you think they might rules against it? I would be available, from say 8am-10pm and can assist clients onsite (public location) or a local meeting place.
  3. I first could see her going clock-wise, but as I watched awhile I could change directions back and forth, equally. I had once heard that left-handed people use their right brain. I guess I am equal. There isn't a button in the pole for both, ha. I tried to figure out what made it change. I wasn't sure if maybe focusing only on the foot helped change directions or not.
  4. I thought I had joined about two weeks. I could not use my whole business name and shortened it. I got on, saw my page, closed it and could never find it again. I thought I had used by business email address, but not sure which I used. I am thinking I should be using my business id instead of personal one. How can I find out what it was? This is what I thought my name was: DayStarVirtual, and that name is taken. But I can't find an welcome email. Is there a way to find out who owns that name?
  5. Yes, thank you, Tawnya. I will head on over there so as to not have two threads going!
  6. Tawyna, thanks for directing me here. I have added everyone that had a link. Where do you add people when you have their name instead of a link to click on? Can someone give a brief description on how it works or it's purpose? And how groups work, too? Thanks!
  7. A couple of weeks ago I was reading a thread where several people were exchanging their twitter user names. I just joined and need some people to follow so I can learn what it actually is/does. Can someone point me in the direction of that thread? Thanks! Sherry DayStar Virtual Solutions me_tweet
  8. I wanted to publically say thank you to Leanne (PLS) for helping me to get my contact page working. It was very kind of her to help me {{{{{{{{THANKS, LEANNE}}}}}}}}
  9. Thanks, Ruth and Leanne. Ruth, I looked at that site and will check it out. Leanne, I can't respond to the PM, I guess because I am not a paying member. Yes, that sounds wonderful if I can keep the page looking exactly the same. Is that possible? Tell me what I need to do. Sorry I did not respond sooner. I had left the page open and went to a Thanksgiving dinner.
  10. I am stressed and being pulled so many different ways right now. I can't get my web page launched until one major thing is fixed - my contact form (www.daystarvirtualsolutions.com). Problems: 1) I want a better form, later, after I fix this simple problem, when I have time to learn how to fix it better 2) I want this same exact page format of my form, though how it works behind the scenes does not matter to me right now 3) I am missing emails because it does not work 4) I just want it to work, even if it is not the best way, the quickest, easiest, cheapest way for now 5) I am using a template that calls for form mail, which appears to be the problem 6) I host on godaddy, there is not search box to hunt for this info on godaddy; I see nothing related to cgi, anywhere on godaddy or my site (why did they put this in there if there is no folder for cgi, whatever that is) 7) I need specific instructions on what to do I am about to spend major money I don't have to fix this simple problem, then toss it out as soon as I find a better way. I would appreciate ANY help, and would be willing to provide any services in excahnge for your help. I just don't have the brain power to expend on the problem right now. I need to hurry and get it working so I can solicit work. I have a potential employer trying to look at it any moment, and one person I had just met there tried to email me, already. I need it fixed before the hiring manager sees it. I NEED a job, asap as my unemployment is almost gone and I am in deep trouble. I would appreciate anyone having mercy and helping me. Thanks! Sherry
  11. I just signed up for paid membership, but I don't know how the payment correlates to my login in here, and I don't know how to get inside. Now what? Hope someone can help me soon, thanks!
  12. Is it ok to show you guys a copy of the front of my card to ask for formatting advice? Thanks, fyerfli, I will look up LogoMaker right now. Terri, that is a good thought.
  13. Thanks for everyone's input, it is appreciated. Leanne: I will check out tectite.com. I was referring to left/right margins. I am not sure where it is located. If it were in the CSS, then they would all be the same, but it looks like they may each be different. I have not seem them anywhere yet. Phyllis: I will check into your advice about Venus. I like the connotation of it being the first 'star' to rise I will also check into those sites your have provided. Everyone: well, I went to the SBA event which lasted 8-3:45. I stayed up until 3:45 last night working on a business card and cleaning up some things on my web site, though the contact form still does not work . I was supposed to wake at 6:30 and never heard the alarm but awoke at 7:30. Now, I must say, I don't have any transportation, since my car fell apart the week after I was laid off. So, this was a major issue to get there by 8. I need to walk a mile to the bus stop, ride about 2 miles, walk several blocks to get there. I left out my door at 7:50 and was picked up by someone I did not know, but we recognized each other, and taken right to the door on her way to work. I arrived at 8:00! What a blessing. I used every opportunity to market my business throughout the day (couple of hundred potential entrepreneurs there). At the SBA booth I handed my card to one of the people and asked if she had opportunity, would she share my card with potential clients. I did not know they are not allowed to do this. I then asked her advice about my card. She immediately stated she liked the idea that I utilized the back. After the discussion she asked to keep the card to use it as an example in a class. I replied that as long as it was not to say "this is what you DON'T do". Little did I know, that as the day went along and we chose classes, I happened to choose hers. She used my marketing attempts and card as a positive example, without saying who, and said I was the only one all day that had attempted to market my business to her and give her a card. After class several came up and gave her their cards. At the end of the day the last speaker, who was from the chamber of commerce asked who does web design and I was afraid to raise my hand, as I am not experienced enough yet. Someone in the back did and the speaker said she needed several websites. A couple of minutes later when she closed I hurried up to her and gave her my card and said I was just starting out and would be happy to assist her if she would give me the opportunity. She stated she will be contacting me. I did this on faith, that I might not make a single dime myself, but may need to hire one of you, and me be in the center, learning, and getting the start I need to get started. Hopefully, I can hire some help (me doing most of the work) without having to credit them on the website. Or is that unethical to do that? Major problem: I don't have the slightest idea of how to charge. For example, using my website, how much should I charge someone to do one exactly like that? I know I have not yet done everything to optimize, I'm learning as I go. But I will have it done soon, I hope, and would hire someone to help me with my client's website if I dont know how to do it. Sorry for the long post, had to tell you all the exciting news!
  14. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I looked at moo.com, and will consider using them. Now, all this has brought up another thought. I guess I really should get my logo before printing my card, but don't know where to find a person that is good, yet not costly. In fact, I don't know the going price, so maybe it is way too far out of reach. And I am concerned that whoever does it might not produce a logo that I like, then what? The name Daystar usually has a star somewhere. It would be hard to come up with something that is not already used, and that I would like. Anyway, thanks for all your comments, I appreciate every one of them Sherry DayStar Virtual Solutions
  15. I had wondered, too, what you could say to someone with that reply. How could you nicely suggest that they invest in the economy they wish to see grow, so that same economy will likewise invest in his business? Sherry Bleeker DayStar Virtual Solutions
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