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  1. I would love to connect with everyone. My cell phone # is 210-262-2560 and I will be arriving from San Antonio between 3 and 4.
  2. Hi everyone! I am looking for guidance/advice etc on how to manage your personal page versus your business page. I set up a page for my business but really have no idea how to use it to my advantage and how not to annoy my friends and scrapbook buddies with business related information. I'd love any advice/guidance that you can give me including resources that you think I should read. Thanks in advance! Amy
  3. I use Carbonite too! It is so easy to use. If you are going to sign up - do a google search for Carbonite coupons. I found one which gave me 2 years for just a hair more than one year. Saving money is always a good thing - even better when it is on a fantastic product.
  4. I was introduced to Dropbox from a client! It is one of my favorite tools. I also love the fact that it shows up in my Documents list so when I attach a document to an email, I don't have to save things to my harddrive. I can directly attach it from the dropbox folder! Great tool!
  5. Shannon Cherry, the Power Publicist, sells targeted media/broadcast lists that she custom tailors depending on the customer/clients needs. I had a client who wanted to send out some information about her Yoga Therapy in Southern California and Shannon put together a fantastic list. You can view Shannon's site here: http://cherrycommunications.com/ Good luck to you and your client!
  6. Okay great - I looked in the templates here thinking maybe they were a part of those. I'll look at Smartsheet's templates. Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone! I am wondering what practices other VA's have for weekly communication with Clients - such as an end of week report etc. I am wondering if this is a good idea, if it would just take too long to do, if there is a way to simplify the process, if other VA's do it etc etc etc. I'd love to hear your feedback.
  8. VANetworking has Smartsheet Templates? I'd love to see them - where do you find them?
  9. Hello! I was wondering if there are any other VA's in the San Antonio area who might like to get together? It is always great to know other people in your area that are doing similar things! Anyone?
  10. Thank you Terri and Tawnya! I'm very glad to be here. Terri - Welcome back to Texas. If you are ever in the San Antonio area, give me a ring. I'd love to meet up with you. Amy
  11. Hi Heather, You scenario happens quite often with us. My Mom is a teacher and over the holiday should couldn't access the school website unless the firewall was disabled. There are also sites that I have to both disable the firewall to access as well as add them to privacy settings. The only other thing I can think of is if you are using Firefox and the site really prefers IE. If that is the case then there is a plug in you can download that will fix the problem quick. Email/pm me if you have any questions.
  12. Thank you Arnie and Manda! I look forward to getting to know you.
  13. Well I hope it work and rewards you for sharing! Can't wait to see what else you have to post!
  14. I agree with providing references but only after I have had an initial conversation with the potential client. It is also out of respect for my clients/references. They are busy and I wouldn't want to take their time to provide a reference before the potential client and I have decided we are a good match.
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