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  1. I believe it is more of a personal preference. Location, incentives, business structure and comfort all play a part in the decision. My business is run as a corporation, so I felt it would be better to have my business entity 'bank' in a different environment. Not only does it help me with meeting my state's guidelines on running a corporation, it helps me visualize the business as a separate entity as well.
  2. Thank you so much, Denise! I see the areas you are referring to, and I will make those changes and see what happens next. Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone! I am submitting this press release next week and would appreciate any feedback you can provide. This is my first and I am quite excited and nervous! Thank you! For Immediate Release Company: Permalancers, Inc. Contact: Monique Edwards Robinson Address: 2912 Otis Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 Phone: 646.797.3112 Email: MERobinson@PermalancersVA.com URL: http://www.PermalancersVA.com Giving ADHD Professionals Virtual Solutions to Traditional Challenges According to the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene 2003 report, 41% of Bronx children receiving mental health services have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD. Permalancers, Inc., a virtual administrative support company, performs as an administrative partner to the professionals who work with the thousands of men, women and children struggling with this disorder daily. Located in the Bronx, New York, Permalancers, Inc. isn't limited to just the local community; thanks to today's innovative technology, Permalancers Inc. can support both the small business across the street or the solopreneur across the globe. Permalancers, Inc. is part of the rapidly growing virtual assistance industry. Performing as a virtual assistant, owner Monique Edwards Robinson is a small business owner who provides professional administrative assistance to her clients, performing tasks for her clients from her home office. With over 20 years administrative support experience in various industries and an admitted "tech junkie", Robinson is a skilled professional who is dedicated to helping her clients make a difference in the lives of their own clients. The majority of Robinson's clients communicate with her via email; others have used the internet, fax and phone. Robinson can perform basic administrative tasks in addition to more time consuming and detailed tasks just as if she were sitting in the office next door. ADHD affects approximately 8 million adults & countless children in the U.S. alone. Struggling with impulse control issues, inability to pay attention, hyperactivity or a combination of the three, those living with ADHD need a support team who understands the nature of the disorder & can help them overcome the daily challenges they face. ADHD coaches are trained professionals dedicated to teaching others how to overcome these obstacles & live a more fulfilling life. Robinson partners with these solopreneurs by managing and completing their necessary administrative daily tasks so they can focus on the most important aspect of their business - helping their clients. "Advancements in technology have made it possible to be more and do more for my clients." says Robinson. "For example, using various collaboration programs enables me to create a more efficiently managed workload for both myself and my client. The end results are a more organized desk for him and the return of time to his day, which is a precious commodity to the solopreneur." To further understand the world her clients work in, Robinson has earned certification as an ADHD Aware VA; however, she is all too familiar with the daily struggles those with ADHD face. "As the parent of a young adult living with ADHD, I understand the frustration that it can cause. Watching my son struggling with constant restlessness, the inability to control his impulses, procrastinating until he reached the brink of failure, I often wondered how he would manage in adult society where these behaviors are often viewed negatively. The ADHD professionals in my son's life helped him realize how intelligent, responsible & creative he actually is. Permalancers, Inc. is dedicated to fully supporting their efforts to make it easier for future adults with ADHD to achieve the same successes the rest of the population enjoys." About Permalancers, Inc.: Permalancers, Inc. is a virtual administrative support company that offers small business owners a cost effective alternative to traditional in-house administrative support while providing the executive level partner they need to successfully grow their business. Permalancers, Inc. offers general administrative assistance to ADHD professionals and other small businesses. For more information on Permalancers, Inc. email Monique Edwards Robinson at Info@PermalancersVA.com or visit her website at www.PermalancersVA.com. ###
  4. Hi everyone. I searched the forums to see if there were any postings on this, but couldn't find anything. I'm pretty sure you would like to save money on your computer purchase; you may have decided to go the refurbished route to save a few bucks on an up to date computer. I will be the first to admit I am ultra-frugal; any deal I get I believe I can talk down a few more dollars. That being said, I searched for and located several websites that list discount coupon codes for the Dell Outlet. I was not only able to save on shipping costs, but was able to piggyback a second coupon for an additional 20% off my purchase - over $100 in savings. The additional savings can be a great help to those of us who are cash-strapped during these hard economic times, or if you are majorly frugal, like me! Bookmark the sites; you never know when you will need it! http://www.shoppingcodes.com/Computers/Del...unts/index.html http://www.xpbargains.com/st_deals.php/Del...let_coupons.htm http://www.dealtaker.com/Dell-coupon-code-a109-c.html http://www.techbargains.com/news_displayItem.cfm/149527
  5. I am also in the current class, and as a new VA, it has already helped me greatly. Besides helping me find the niche I was born for, I've learned many techniques that will help me with all clients, not just those with ADHD. Monique Edwards Robinson Permalancers, Inc.
  6. Hello Everyone. WOW!! I'm just blown away by the amount of info you all provided. You all have been so helpful. Thank you!! I'm sorry to just respond; I've been working OT trying to put together everything for the business (the business plan is killing me!). I will definitely check again with an attorney...as soon as I can find one. You know, I always get the warm & fuzzies when I sign into the forum. The fact that you are so willing to share and provide a hand, ear or shoulder is amazingly not that common. Thanks again, everyone!
  7. It seems like a waste of money to pay for it if I wouldn't get covered anyway as the ower. I know I won't have clients coming to my home or employees, so truly... is it really necessary? Is it something we would need to think about as VAs? Has anyone ever run across a potential client who wouldn't use them without WC insurance? What about the VAs who work on premises for a client (I've read about a few who do it for special projects or clients)? Has that ever been requested of them? Monique Edwards Robinson Permalancers, Inc. 347-247-5580
  8. Thanks Rebecka. I didn't think I needed it, but just wanted to be sure. I do not want to run afoul of any form of government. Monique Edwards Robinson Permalancers, Inc. 347-247-5580
  9. Hi Everyone. I am in the process of starting my VA company (yay!). I had a conversation with my dad who happens to be an accountant and auditor for the NYS Workers' Compensation board, and he mentioned that I may need to take out WC insurance even though I will not have any employees. Obviously, the companies he audits HAVE employees, so therefore they do need it, but it will just be little ole me for the next couple of years, and he doesn't have experience with start-ups. Is this something that anyone has run across? As a sidebar, a lot of questions I had were answered here and it is such a blessing to get quick, quality answers from the pros. I look forward to speaking with and learning a lot from all of you as I begin this journey. Thanks. Monique Edwards Robinson Permalancers, Inc. 347-247-5580
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