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  1. Does anyone know how to convert a file from PDF to excel? Whenever I try I keep getting blank worksheets. If not that, a good converter program?
  2. Let me just throw my in here: I definitely agree with everyone about Vista Home Premium 64Bit. I have been using it since January with little difficulty. Most programs I have used are compatible; the only exceptions may be some I try out from Giveaway of the Day, and even most of those have separate installation links to accommodate 64bit. The most difficulty I have had was my MFC printer, which is not compatible with Vista at all. I can still print and copy, but I cannot upgrade the drivers or use the installed scanner program. In general, most people I speak with have an issue with Vista in and of itself - personally I still love XP - so upgrading to Windows 7 may be an answer for you. I see more and more software and hardware becoming 64bit compatible, so just be patient and find the OS that works best for you.
  3. I believe it is more of a personal preference. Location, incentives, business structure and comfort all play a part in the decision. My business is run as a corporation, so I felt it would be better to have my business entity 'bank' in a different environment. Not only does it help me with meeting my state's guidelines on running a corporation, it helps me visualize the business as a separate entity as well.
  4. Sherra, this is so true. These are some of the same points to think about when deciding whether or not to post your rates on your site. Thanks to this post, I am now reviewing this whole process to ensure I am fair to prospective and current clients, but give myself the best chance to succeed as well.
  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Dana, you do not sound harsh at all, sometimes I need that smack on the back of the head (and sometimes the front! ) to remind me to stop obsessing. So thank you! Claire and Tawnya, I am back to my zen state. Funny thing, after that call I was able to write a first draft of a press release and outlined two blog posts. Go figure! Ramona, I am so glad I have a place to vent these issues. Sometimes when speaking to my husband, he gives me that RCA dog head tilt, so I know it just goes over his head, or he thinks I'm crazy! Keep 'em coming, folks! I would love to hear what everyone has to say!
  6. Hi everyone! I've been searching the posts on Google Adwords and realized no one has spoken on it lately. How many VAs actually use it? Do you find it to be a worthwhile marketing method for your VA business? Is there something you found that works better than PPC? I've been playing with the idea for months and although I have no problem with investing in my business, I do not want to throw good money away if there is a better alternative.
  7. Hi everyone, I am so blasting upset with this I decided to actually write about it. I even created a mini-poll about it, so if you have the time please give your answer. I received a phone call from a company that I will not name over the weekend. The caller left a voice message that stated: When I returned the phone call, he told me he was looking for a NY-based VA to place at the top of his VA search engine results page. After a beat, I said, "OK, let me be clear: Are you interested in the virtual assistance services that I offer and would like to discuss them or are you looking for me to purchase your service?" He said he wanted me to use his service, then proceeded into the sales pitch about what his company offers. I stopped him and told him that was not exactly the message he left, to which he disagreed. I explained to him the message he left implied he was looking for VA services, not to have a VA purchase his services. This is his reply: At this point, I was p'd beyond belief and hung up. I have replayed that vm at least 7 times since that conversation - including to quote it here - and I still believe I was right. I also know I can be a little sensitive at times and the day we spoke I was not in the greatest of moods, so I am turning to you all for some guidance. One of the peeves on my very long list of peeves is deceptive sales tactics. I do not like misdirection of any sort, whether it is the little white lie or the giant ponzi scheme. In my mind, simply telling me the name of his company when he left the vm would have alerted me to the possibility it was a sales call. So please, share with me your opinions on this. Share with me your stories of similar peeves. Take the poll - it may even reduce your stress on a peeve of your own. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Cyndi! These are great ideas, many I didn't even know I could do now. I will look into everything you suggested.
  9. Thanks Tawnya! I guess that does make the most sense, and will be easier to track when doing the books.
  10. Hi All! Ok, I've been offering general admin services for about a year now, and am now ready to jump into the RE market. Actually, I've always wanted to become a REVA, but providence and opportunity led me in a different direction for a while. Anywho... I would like to offer services to realtors, but I am not sure how to begin; I have not worked in realty at ALL, not for lack of trying. I am working on a budget now for training, certification, etc., but I would prefer to just jump on in now as I am a hands-on learner. What can I do for a realtor now with basically no realty related experience? What will I need to offer or have in order to stay competitive and relevant? What's funny about this is my closest friend just became a licensed salesperson and wants me to be her VA. I have no issues about working for her, but I am not sure how I could possibly service her. She has a very sharp mind, but tends to fly by the seat of her pants, so I want to be able to jump in confidently and knowledgeably when she needs me.
  11. Hi everyone, Tawnya mentioned exactly what I am conflicted about. I will begin offering Internet Marketing services along with the general VA services, and decided to have two different price structures. What do you suggest is the most ethical and fair way to bill them if the client wants services from both categories?
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