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  1. Oh Judy - I'm afraid not! Now I was thinking of doing an upgrade. backup what I have at the moment and migrate hoping the missing piece will fall back in its place Wishful thinking!!! Anyhow, I'll read through the link - thanks! I'll keep you posted....
  2. Hi there, For the life of me, I can't remember how to restore a blogpage that has been inadvertently deleted My client made a mistake of posting directly on the blog page and deleted it. Now the nav on the homepage is missing but the content is still there. However, Ineed help restoring the page. Would appreciate any helpers ~ Jocelyn
  3. It' s not part of the template but is housed within the wp-folders.
  4. Debbie-Lynn, You are really a wealth of information - thanks for sharing this. A new spin-off to any marketing strategy... Jocelyn
  5. Have you tried getting the word to the local ICF affiliate companies? I see it that attendance to the event gives a Continuing Education credit. Maybe there are some sponsorship opportunities as well? Hope this helps... Jocelyn
  6. Hi everyone, I'm in a middle of a project and I'm stumped! I use the Flexx theme from iThemes and I'm trying to link the HOME nav within the site to a static landing page. When I go to my settings, it asks me to point to a homepage but my static page is not showing on the drop-down list. I am definitely missing something...need help! Thanks in advance! Jocelyn
  7. Hi Stranger! Glad you made your way here Maybe we can get together next week for BTW, are you attending FoVA this year? Call me! Jocelyn
  8. Here's a link and another to help you get to Niagara Falls from downtown Toronto. Hope this helps! Jocelyn
  9. From one mom to another, Remind yourself how you as a parent did your best to raise her to be a smart, independent person that she is today. She will come back...you just have to believe that deep in your heart. I'll be thinking about you and your family... Jocelyn
  10. Hi Debbie, You may want to check this, or this. I personally haven't tried them but it's worth looking into. Hope this helps! Let us know who you end up with... Jocelyn
  11. You are in good company ~ and yes, it does get "crazy" being in start-up phase but take a deep breath, recognize all the things that you have accomplished so far and hope for the best. Take a break - after all you are NOW your own boss. Looking forward to knowing more about you... Warmly, Jocelyn
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