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  1. Sheila: A continous retainer always works for me it creates a workable relationship with the client and that is what you want, anything over 40 hrs should have a discounted rate.
  2. In my getting to know you I have a part which indicates birthdays and anniversaries, if you have already done this in the preliminary, just send out a client profile and a note telling them you are updating your client files. I will not ask this in person. Sherrie
  3. I can recommend someone that can also work virtually with you and she is very professional, will you be up for something like that.
  4. You have to check with your state's requirement, I had to get one for my business. Sherrie
  5. Could anyone recommend a digital filing system? I have a client that wants me to do his filing system for him, I know of Paper Port, but is there any other that is used specifically in the VA Industry? Sherrie
  6. I would agree with the advice given. Walk with your business cards where ever you go. Speak to people and look for opportunities. Join networking groups. If you need to be employed part-time do so, but remember it will take a lot of strength and discipline to come home and work, but keep the strength and faith. Why come a year and quit, smile. Sherrie
  7. I hate to say it, but that the same feeling I have, to put all my focus on developing my business.
  8. Could anyone recommend a good digital filing system? Sherrie
  9. Libby: I would want to agree with Ruth, I would ask the client to provide me with the software at their expense. The only other thing that can prompt you to buy the software if they sign a contract with you for a period of time that can cover the investment of the software and the service can be added to your niche. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Everyone, I am also located in Virginia, Woodbridge (Fairfax is quite nearby) and would love to meet up with other VA's in the area. I am so busy trying to get my business together. Could anyone contribute on the different ways I can market my business? Thanks, maybe we should form a Meetup group for the VA's in Virginia. Sherrie Virtual Office Link, LLC
  11. Congrats Michelle. Sherrie Virtual Office Link, LLC
  12. Congrats Melissa, I am still trying to work my way to clients. Once you gain one, you will gain others.
  13. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I am still trying to learn the site. Could anyone tell me how to be added to the Member directory? Sherrie
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