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  1. Thanks so much for the guidence. The problem with that is that they were looking for a proposal project cost prior to begining the work. I was assuming a full days work (8 hours). Do you think that is very far off and it may be more like 3 full days?
  2. Hi All: Hope your all enjoying this beautiful Thursday! I am wondering if any of my fellow VA's have worked with extensive keyword lists and catagories for Google Ads submission. I have a client with a list of about 5000 keywords that they need put into catagories for Google Ad submission. I was hoping if someone has worked with a similiar list they could give me an idea of about how long it took them. You can reply to this posting or email me offline to share your experience. Thanks! Christine
  3. vbs online


    Hi Ladies, I have been using www.skype.com on a regular basis with one of my international clients and it has been fantastic! It saves money and is very convenient to use while your working. The application also works as an instant messenger so that if you have a quick comment or your client has a quick question, you can send an instant message rather then being interrupted for a 15 minute phone call. On a personal side, I have family in Malta and it works great with them as well (my phone bill is 80% lower!! ). Christine
  4. Wow! Thank you so much for all your responses. You guys are great! They were really helpful. Constant Contact is what I figured I would use for distribution. I created my "shell" in adobe illustrator with all of my custom log graphics. I thought I could just send it out as a pdf but then you have to download and cannot view it in the body of the email as soon as you open it. Any suggestions? Or is coding in html the only way? The problem is I thought it would be a better marketing tool if i had the visual of the newsletter right in the email rather then just text and a link or attachement. Do you find people are more prone to read your newsletter if it is right in front of them rather then having to navigate to it? Thanks, Christine
  5. Hi All: I was hoping to get some feedback regarding electronic newletters. What is the best software to create them in and the best method of distribution. Have you had any negative expereinces with certain programs that you would recommend I stay away from? Best Regards, Christine
  6. Hi Ladies, I just want to say that if your budget does not allow for an original design and branding to be done then Visaprint may be a good alternative. But I definately agree with Danielle. When your marketing your business, if your budget allows, an original logo, business card design, branding ect... is so important. It gives your company a very professional look and I think clients/potential clients really respond to that. Good Luck!! Christine
  7. I think that is a great idea. I will post a new thread for NY/NJ Metro area VA's. I have been looking into possibly hosting a luncheon or some sort of networking event. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi Nancy- Thanks again. You have been very helpful. If I take this client on maybe, if you are available, we can work together in the begining to bring me up to speed in this area. Since you have experience you can show me your best practices and processes. Right now he is overwelmed and unorganized. He has not been tracking the factor sheets. So he is not sure if he is beeing charged correctly and if everything adds up. What do you think?
  9. Thank you so much Nancy. It sounds like this is the same thing. He says he uses the largest one in NYC. Do you find it difficult balancing his books and filtering through his bills working off "The Factor"?
  10. Hi Nancy- Thanks for your reply. He is a consumer goods company (cosmetics) and he did not mention that he uses one. Im not familiar with what a factoring company is. Can you elaborate? Thanks! Christine
  11. Hi Everyone- I'm hoping some of you experienced Bookkeepers can help me out with something. Up until now I have only done light billing for my clients. Most of them construction/landscapers/contractors. I have done all of their invoicing and accounts recievables. However, I have recieved a new request from a client who is a product based company and needs just accounts payables ("paying his bills"). He explained that he had someone come in once or twice a month to enter his bills, do a back up, and cut checks. He says that they "worked off the factor". I have never heard of this term. I searched through QuickBooks and found nothing. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much! Christine
  12. Congrads Paula! That is fantastic! Great inspiration for the rest of us. I have not yet signed my first retainer client. I have been doing per project work so I know how you were feeling. Great job! Christine
  13. Hi Stephanie- Thank you so much for your response. It was definately helpful. Do you know what the best technology is to use for transcribing? Christine
  14. Hi Becki- I also could use some "transcription guidence". One of my clients has requested transcribing services. It has been a long time since I worked on transcribing. I'm of the old school who used dictaphones. What is the latest and greatest software to use? Also, do you change your pricing structure for transcribing? Do you still charge per hour of your time? This company wants to pay per hour of audio. Any suggestions on an appropriate rate? Since you are all seasoned SUPER VAs I thought you would be best to ask! Thanks! Christine
  15. Hi Virtual Newbie- I am fairly new to this as well. However, I can tell you that I have partnered with some other VAs and professionals and we work on a referral commission system. For each new client someone brings to me (that is the client becomes an actual account) I pay them a referreal fee. And of course vis versa, if I send a client there way. In forum like this maybe there are some other VAs here that would be interested. Either they cannot take on new clients or they do not wish to work with a certain client, they can pass them on to me and earn a referral fee. Currently our referral fees we pay out is $100 per new account. Let me know your thoughts. Christine
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