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  1. This was my first VAvirtuoso series. I am still implementing what I have learned. There was some much information to access and put to a great use. I will diffidently join the next one.
  2. Hi Diana, I am sorry I missed the get together. I hope to see everyone at the next one. Linda Taylor
  3. Hi Terri, Welcome to the neighborhood. I also live in Stuart, FL. I wish you a profitable and happy 2009.
  4. Hi Leisa, I knit, crochet and I also am a woodworker. I enjoy them all. Thanks for asking, Linda Taylor Here2AssistU.org
  5. I also use Skype and have not had any problems. L.G.Taylor Regards, Linda Taylor Here2AssistU.org
  6. Hi Kathy, Yes it does. When you have a strong profile and put your self in the right job category's you will get invited to bid. What I like about being asked to bid is I can see if the other bidders place a min. hourly rate on their profile. Also if you are invited to bid you have less bidders bidding against you. Good Luck
  7. Hi, I just received a signed contract from a new client for a five month trial. I found them on Guru.com But I added my phone expenes and the software upgrade on the contract agreement. And the upfront payment should be at guru tomorrow. Ok I am done braging. At least now I will see how my computer and I work on servers and others desktops and such. Thank you for listening, Linda Taylor
  8. I hope I am posting this in the right place. I came across this site when I was looking at a friends contract. She was able to download a templet of a contract for free. I have not used this site. I am posting it here as a possible tool for our businesses. Here is the link www.toolkit.com. Keep the business side green, Linda Taylor
  9. Hi Candy, How would I get a program that will let me print to fax? Thank you for your time, Linda Taylor
  10. Hi Everyone, I am new to blogging. I do have a blog that I need some guidance on. Could I ask if anyone has time if they would check it out then let me know where changes need to be made. And any useful assistance. These are all I have done at this time and I don't know if I am going in the right direction or not. It is not on my web site it is on wordpress. I am still working on my web site. Here is the link http://lindagtaylor.wordpress.com I am not looking for compliments I just want to know do I have the right idea of what a blog says or is? Thanks for your time, Linda Taylor
  11. Hi Maggie, For a minute I thought I wrote this question. I had been diagnosed with cancer. When I had told my boss at the time that I would miss some time due to my recovery he said he'll need to replace me. Some things that I have done I only have two full-time clients at the moment. But I heard here on this board that some local town papers will place an ad for you and your business for free mind you the words are limited. This has gotten my self many calls and leads. I have not been able to join in yet due to I work at a clients office at that time, but on Wed. nights at 6pm est. VANA has seminars there you may be able to get more answers to help you. If you wish you may add me as a friend and anything I can do to help let me know. Here's to your new business with out bosses, Linda Taylor
  12. Hi Diana, Thats one thing I love about this business, it gives you the ablitiy to go into mom mode or in my case grandma mode... lol It sounds like you hit the point when you realized you can work for your self and love your work, I found when I hit that point I was more for lack of a better word gitty with laughter and jokes. Enjoy the ride it sounds like a great one. Linda Taylor
  13. Welcome Cheryl, I will repeat what Monique, meaning I to am very new to the V A world. My business is less then one year old and I am finding myself still updating my home office equipment... LOL. I wish you all the best and if you have any questions bring them to the board there has always been someone who can and will help. I have not sat in on the seminars and chats but I do plan to once I can arrange my work calendar better. I hope I'll chat with you thier. In the chats you can get a large array of advice and tips. Enjoy your new venture, I wish all the best to you. Linda Taylor
  14. Hi LJ, JudyAnn, Thank you for your replies. I had thought about that myself. But I am still new to writing articles I was not sure if they'ed want it in an outline format or not. Thank you for your time and help. Linda Taylor
  15. Now she had to know nothing with a husbend is that easy....LOL. Thanks for sharing. That was good. Linda Taylor
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