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  1. Welcome! Congrats on having 2 clients. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Welcome, to VAnetworking, you will find out alot of amazing sources on here!
  3. Alot of time, I've apply for RFP's and client gives a deadline for a certain date and when you respond, they already hire a VA. Sometimes it takes months before a client makes his or her decision. But just keep trying, something good will come out of it!
  4. Welcome to the VAnetworking forum! I know that you will find this very rewarding!
  5. That's so great! I'm glad that you are starting a VA meeting in your area! I live in texas and we're trying to set a date and time .
  6. What i do is, I have my clients to fill out a data sheet with all there information, including their birthday. And each month i send out a card!
  7. Hello! This is Thressa and I'm wondering if any VA's out there in dallas have set a date and time on when we are going to meet up at?Please keep me posted!
  8. Yes! Just hang on in there! I know that it can be diffcult at times, but it will happen in due time!
  9. Welcome! I know that you will recieve helpful information on this website and in the networking forum.
  10. I'm so happy for you! I know that it's a wonderful feeling to have your first client! Congrats!!!
  11. This is so awesome! It's so fun!!
  12. Hello! When you obtain a new client do you charge a setup fee to verify they are serious about your services?
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