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  1. Hi all I haven't been around the forum in a while but I knew you were the folks to ask about this. My husband is looking to advance his career and is considering a resume writing service. Do any of you specialize in this area? He is very talented and qualified and has definite ideas about where to put his resume but wants a professional touch in the writing of it. Those we have found online so far appear to be the 'factory" type or else extremely specific which is great except we have no point of reference for any of them. I know I can put out an RFP and will but wanted to run it by here first.
  2. I have a client who is looking to have me post her "live" local events in as many free places online as possible. She hosts a networking event monthly as well as some other things. Does anyone have ideas, other than Sure to Meet and Eventbrite, where I can do that for her? Also, if you have used either of these, do you have any feedback?
  3. dictionary.com usually takes care of whatever I'm needing at the time.
  4. Very well handled. good for you!
  5. I do feel that good fences make good clients. I also sometimes bend the rules. It always depends on the client and the situation. For example, I currently have a new short term client who purchased a few discounted hours in a doorprize giveaway. I don't anticipate her as a long term retainer client and I don't really do project work so we won't be together very long. She is Very technology shy so I am holding her hand through the things she is trying to get done and talking to her on the phone more than I usually would a regular client...However...she is also Very well connected and participates in multiple networking groups so I know that if I leave her with a favorable impression of my business...even though she probably will not be a future client...I will most likely get business through her referrals. She is very influential...so I bend the rules.
  6. I haven't yet done this but I am seeing this as a possible avenue of marketing. It is a growing field that many business owners are just learning about. I will go the hourly rate if and when it becomes part of my business. You can really sepnd a lot of time on this kind of thing.
  7. Have you tried contacting your blog host? I'll be they have experience with this problem.
  8. JoanStewart, "The Publicity Hound" is offering a great seminar on Twittering here but hurry, it starts Monday.
  9. Has anyone heard of or possibly even use Ping? You know how much time it takes to keep up with updating several social network sites sooo... Apparently Ping can work wonders with multiple social networking sites some of which include MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Jaiku, Delicious, Friendster, Plaxo and lots more. (You must first create separate accounts at whichever sites you choose.) Here's how it works, Go to http://www.Ping.fm and open an account. Then decide which social networking sites you want to receive the information you post to Ping. You can post your message using AIM, GTalk, iGoogle, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, WAP, iPhone/iPod Touch, SMS or email. Then it looks as if with one fell swoop...your single post on Ping goes out to all the other sites you designate. It might not be a great idea to include LinkedIn, because a lot of the more personal information you post on Facebook or Twitter isn't appropriate for LinkedIn, which is strictly for business networking and works differently but this definitly looks like it could be helpful in keeping up and not spending hours doing it.
  10. Hi Melanie I'm in the Atlanta area but still GA. Welcome! There is a VA get together in the works for Oct so maybe you can come up.
  11. This question may have been addressed before but I can't find it exactly in the archived threads so... I have a client who wants a ton of hotmail contacts to be loaded in to her Outlook Express and also to Constant Contact. However...since this is a project oriented type job she does not want to give me access to her Outlook remotely via something like GOtomyPC. (she's a newbie) So I'm wondering...can I pull those contacts from hotmail and put them into an Excel spreadsheet, then she can upload them to Outlook if I walk her through it or Constant Contact or both if she desires...I know they can go from Excel to CC but I'm not sure if they will export from Excel into Outlook Express. OR maybe they can be downloaded directly from Hotmail to her Outlook??? Now that would be nice.. any thoughts?
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