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  1. Hi Melanie I'm in the Atlanta area but still GA. Welcome! There is a VA get together in the works for Oct so maybe you can come up.
  2. Great article Diana, and congrats on getting your business mentioned in there too. You are the PR guru!
  3. I came by Dana but had to go before you came online...sorry.
  4. I use FNBO Online and I have considered GMAC... Both for mutual funds. FNBO is not that well known but I did my homework..they have been around for years and are solid plus thay offer consistently good rates..GMAC gets very good rates as well and is rated highly for service. At the time I opened my account it was between the two and FNBO had the higher rates..since then GMACs have been more steady (in this economy) I have considered changing but havn't done so yet...still watching and waiting. FNBO service has been fine. but i dont use checking or bill paying though they offer it. I do online bill paying etc with Bank of Americe ( whO I know lots of people hate but my experince has been good). Hope that helps.
  5. Hi all I'm in the process of putting together a gathering of VAs through IVAA and thought I'd open it up to any and all in the area. It will actually probably in Sept or Oct. How does that sound to everyone?? I don't think I can do July or Aug. but if you pull somethign together I'll try to make it.
  6. I've been looking into article writing already so this would be perfect.
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