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  1. congrats on 2 years! Great idea to do something special to celebrate!
  2. Angela, that promo thing is a good idea...especially for a group you already visit and present to regularly
  3. I think I've been that blonde before...lol
  4. I've been trying to think of some promotional ideas myself. That is a great idea to offer some sort of deal for the holidays. Smart thinking I'm thinking. I don't see why VAs can't benefit from doing some of the same things that brick and mortar businesses practice. A Sale or a promotion..why not? I'll be interested in hearing from others who may have done something like that. I had a post on one of the otehr forums about it actually. Maybe I'll find it and post it here as well.
  5. I do think you must have a gift, Dana. AprilTara...Dana is right about the networking and the free ones at that..also make some flyers(that's cheap) and put them up where ever you can and put your biz card out there everywhere you can...talk to people...eveyone...about your business. Get involved in your church, your neighborhood association, your kids soccer team...all these people are potential clients...so talk it up. Also add your business to free sites like we have Kudzu.com here in the South...I'm sure there are some in your area if you look.
  6. I was taught early on in my business life that everyone needs an elevator speech. In case you don't know what that is...its a quick little commercial you can do about your business at a moments notice, taking about the time it would take to ride the elevator. I have mine...and I use it regularly. It really should only be a few sentences. Do you have one? Do you use it. What do you consider the most important points to include in any elevator speech?
  7. Way to go! How awesome is that! You ust never know where teh biz will come from do you?...and speaking of elevator speeches...think I'm gonna do a post on that.
  8. Good for you, Dana! You've worked hard to get where you are....there will be another client..and you'll be better prepared this time.
  9. My feeling..and practice is to charge an hourly rate, plus some sort of discount for the quantity of hours. It doens't really matter to me if the work is basic or not as I assume that more complicated matters take more expertise and that really basic tasks take a longer amount of time. It all comes out in the wash it seems. I wouldn't probably base my charges on what you already charge for basic admin task though since you already know you will have a mix of more complicated duties. And I would reserve the right to charge seperately for more speciliazed projects not yet forseen. My 2 cents.
  10. Hi all I'm in the process of putting together a gathering of VAs through IVAA and thought I'd open it up to any and all in the area. It will actually probably in Sept or Oct. How does that sound to everyone?? I don't think I can do July or Aug. but if you pull somethign together I'll try to make it.
  11. I've had a JOTT account for a while now and am just getting around to finding out how to use it. In case you don't know what JOTT is, it is a free service that converts your voice into email or text messaging. It is very cool..I can remind myself or my family of things while I'm driving for example, and the thought occurs to me. Last night I discovered another great JOTT use. Blogging! Yes, I can send a blog post via my phone through JOTT! AND...there will be a "listen" link on my blog post where the reader can actually hear my voice speaking the words. it has to be 30 seconds or less and you need to speak fairly clearly..but it worked and its very cool. This kind of thing is great for quicky updates rather than lengthy posts obviously but get this...you can use it for Twitter too...and other networking links. Check it out...there may be lots of other uses that I haven't discovered yet. have you tried it and found one? If so let us in on the secret, please...or do you use another similiar service? which one and what can it do?
  12. Thanks Sheila, Doing something astonishing is exactly what I'm after. Love that Save Now page. Great idea!
  13. My investment and mentoring program that I have been involved in really promote starting your own business for tax purposes, expereince etc and they stress that most people give up...just before their marketing efforts start paying off....so keep at it! ....hmmmm good advice for all of us I'm thinking
  14. Well I do love to blog. Send me the info...
  15. Well I wasn't exactly thinking of calling it a sale, but it would be a promotion of sorts, not the usual discount I offer for retainers. It would really be a means to get people who are hesitant to give me a try. It would be limited in scope and probalby offered only to current contacts on my mailing list who have shown interest or maybe to only the ones I have interviewed, not the general public. I don't have a problem with people on a budget...as long as they budget me in...
  16. Anyone ever run a "sale" on your VA services? i.e. My lowest retainer is for 10 hours monthly at a 10% discount off regular rates. Right now i have a couple of openings...and I have a couple of PCs who need me and would love to retain me BUT they arent' at a place in their businesses where they can afford the 10 hours. What if I ran a "sale" say for the month of July only I would offer a 5 hour retainer at the 10 hour discount of 10%...it would be a shorter contract..maybe like 3 months rather than 6 or 12. Or perhaps i could offer a contract for 10 hours for 6 months and get one month free. Whaddya think? Anyone else ever do this kind of thing? Ideas.. thoughts?? If so what were your results and do you regret it or what?
  17. Yep, be careful what you pray for... congratulations! Go ahead and make your dreams come true...hey, Unemployment funds should help for a while, right?
  18. ACK! i don't usually stress about clients whether they do or don't....but this one seemed so perfect..my ideal... I won't let her go so easily, I promise...i'll be back in touch with her if i don't hear back, but i know there are lots more fish in the sea. thanks, girls!
  19. I'm whining today...I interviewed a really great retainer client last week. I felt the interveiw went really well..like really well. We'd be a perfect match! I felt it was pretty much a done deal. She asked me if she could have til Friday to respond to which I said, "Of course." but then I didn't hear back from her..not a peep. I sent her a contract to review including the details we had discussed, noted that I was excited about working with her and that I thought we'd make a good match....then nothing...What to do now? I will actually see her live and in person on Wed at a networking event we will both be attending. Do you think she's waiting til then? Is she blowing me off? Was she totally faking? Can I not read a client better than that? am I over reacting and should just wait on her move? What do you think? I think I'm losing it. and feeling whiney...
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