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  1. Way to go, Dana!! Awesome opportunity!
  2. Thrilled for you Libby! Can't wait to see your name in print!
  3. Good for you!! and for your partner! Win- Win!
  4. I've been looking into article writing already so this would be perfect.
  5. Thanks to all. Most of you are following my own line of thinking. Perhpas I will not make it mandatory nor will I charge if the call is under 15 mins. I'm rethinking the whole thing obviously.
  6. Hey all! check out this awesome networking opportunity called Joy of Connecting. Its based out of Atlanta but there are chapters around the country and i just love it. I already have clients and I've only begun to attend plus its great to get out and meet people face to face and see what's going on in the world other than virtually..
  7. natural conversation is the best way to go at social events...if you can chat with people about everyday life..you can insert Your everyday life which IS virtual admin..."this week I was able to take my kids to the pool (since I work from home)" or "How's your week been? mine has been crazy with (spending so much time promoting my business) and trying to pack for vacation." Keep things conversational... and as for Chicago...leave cards in the restrooms of nice restaurants...hey...it works my 2 cents
  8. They always say "its not what you know, but who you know" and that is certainly the case with networking....someone tells someone who tells someone...love it!
  9. It seems ok to me with the changes but Not gonna pay for this... I use it some but don't really see a lot of benefit from it
  10. This may be discussed already somewhere but I can't find the thread...anyway, I am considering instituting a mandatory client phone conference at the beginning of each week with each client for 30-60 mins to cover priorities for the week or upcoming deadlines etc. I am wondering if anyone does this and if so do you bill for it? Is it deducted from their retainer hours or do you offer it as a freebie?
  11. I just came across this instant press release tool. http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/IPR.htm It seems to be great for people who are just getting started with press releases. You just fill in your information (it walks you through everything) and when you're finished it will give you your completely formatted press release, or they will email you the file. I know sometimes people stress about press releases and this is a great way to get started. Plus, this site has lots of great, FREE marketing information and resources.
  12. Hello to everyone! My name is Cheryl Richey and my company is Carte Blanche Assistance, LLC. I am located in the Atlanta, GA area. I'm excited to be here and look forward to sharing and learning with so many talented VAs.
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