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  1. Welcome! Lily has great advice, this is how I started as well with each new business venture I have ever started. For me, it all starts with research, bookmarking and printing things out into binders and organizing from there, then digging and getting my feet wet. Let us know how we can support you. Kim
  2. Welcome Teresa, Glad to have you here and congrats on starting your business. Please let us know how we can help! Kim
  3. Hi Cheryl, Welcome to VANetworking.com and congratulations on starting your business. Kim
  4. Whoohoo! Congratulations on starting your business and stepping into your power to live the life yu desire, awesome first step. We are excited to have you here, welcome. xox, Kim
  5. Welcome to the forum and congratulations for starting your business. One step at a time is what it takes Glad to have you here
  6. Hi Alexa, Welcome to the VA family. Please let us know how we can support you on this journey. Kim
  7. In my experience Skype is not a good tool for an online confernece, it is not reliable and does not allow the interaction needed. If you are looking for help with recording conferences, etc you could look at doing audio or video, such tools as Instant Teleseminar, GoToWebinar, Webinar Jam are all great tools in my experience that allow you to easily record online events and then send recordings after the fact
  8. I second what Tawyna said, Evernote and like Lily pointed out I do print out some things to organize into a system with a binder as well as organizing my files like Lily pointed out using DropBox so that I can access my files from whereever I am.
  9. Ditto what Danielle said. Jotform is great for organizing speaker content, requests etc as it allows you to easily create reports and there is a great free version, I also use it to collect info from speakers for live events as well. Dropbox is great for being able to share access to the files across the internet, safely and securly. As far as booking I am not sure I quiet understand what you are referring to? If you are looking to coordinate speaking times you could include a question in the jotform that asked them to give 3 dates and times they could speak. I too use a google drive spreadsheet to track the info received, what is outstanding, what we need to update to the website etc. All the deliverables are outlined in the project management system
  10. Another one that I have used in the past is: http://www.virtualassistantville.com and http://www.thrivehiringsystem.com/hire/myjobs/signup.php
  11. I like Gifted Virtual Solutions, virtual e-commerce solutions for the gift industry
  12. Hi LaTashia! I am in the DFW area, where abouts are you located? I am up by Lewisville Lake in The Colony. Feel free to reach out and say hi! xox, Kim
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