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  1. I am most interested in taking part in the training session if possible. Please email me with more information. Thank you, Karen virtualbusiness@sympatico.ca
  2. I have a Private Investigator as a client...have worked for him for a couple years....what kind of information are you looking for?
  3. Becki.....yes we do have Toys R Us here in Canada....great stuff!!!
  4. Thanks again Tawnya..... once my site is up & running you guys will be the first to know...!
  5. ..."by george i think i've got it".... thanks Tawnya...i dunno what the heck i was doing.....that was waaay too easy....! haven't got my website up & running yet(for a link)...giving myself till the end of this week.....but my business name will be registered tomorrow! thanks much!!
  6. Thanks Tawnya... ..dunno why i can't get it.... ...anyway...this is what i would like: Karen Mourant Virtual Business Support thanks again
  7. karen


    Hi Tawnya, ...I'm in Pickering! We actually became a "city" in 2000! Karen
  8. Hi folks... ...call me "new", but i can't figure out this "edit signature" thing...i though i had it, but when i looked my signature read something like: "font-7-courier-karen"....that's not exactly what i had in mind.... you all have such nice colourful signatures....i want one too...! thank you, Karen
  9. Hi Nikki! ...i'm a newbie too! ...just checked out your site...looks great.. i'm in the process of putting one together myself so i don't have any great ideas, but i did notice under "Desktop Publishing" you had "Flyers" listed twice....maybe it's two different areas (remember..i'm a newbie ), but that jumped out at me...! All the best.. Karen:)
  10. karen


    Hi again! ..it is very exiting! Pam, I was sorta vague as to where I'm located....Durham Township(i guess?!?!), just east of Toronto...so we're kinda far away! ...i did do up some business cards on my computer (so they're not real great, but ok for starters I think..money tight)....I've passed a few out to friends, just to get the word out... i will definitely let you guys(is that ok?) know when i'm (my site is) up and running.. Candy, if I'm this excited about working on my website imagine how I'll feel when i write that first cheque!!! thanks a bunch! Karen
  11. Hi all! ...after signing in a few weeks ago as as "wannabe VA" and reading all of your responses i've gone ahead and started designing a website! it's great...! i'm really enjoying it...i thought it was going to be a tedious chore...not! my goal is to have it done by the end of this week, then on to the next stage...registering my name....this is all sooo exciting! i just had to share!!! i thank you all for your positive input... btw...anyone know of any VA's in the Durham(Ontario) area? thanks again... Karen
  12. Thanks for your great advice Michelle! ....I have heard of Diana...how would one go about having her as a mentor....(newbie!!).... when i stated sending emails for marketing, what i really meant was what you stated...answering ads of those looking for admin help...offering virtual assistance in place of or until....whatever the case may be... ...so far, i just been reading alot of info in this forum and trying to decide where to start..also working a full-time job at the same time makes it somewhat trying...that said i do get excited everytime i think about getting my first client!! my hats off to you ladies....and thank you for the advice! Karen
  13. Thank sooooooo much for your quick response! wish me luck!! Karen
  14. Thanks Heather...... ..just some questions though about your responses...if you have time to answer... Get your Biz License / Permits for doing business....do i need this right away? Get biz insurance - is this necessary if no one is visiting my home? Create a Biz plan - where do i find a sample Create and launch a good website - Find a Mentor - where & how do i find a mentor? Start a marketing campaign - press releases, networking, ect. - i was going to start by making flyers and sending emails...whatdaya think? I really appreciate any suggestions... oh...what about a business name? shouldn't that be a first too? Thanks much!! Karen
  15. Thanks for all the great advice! There is a ton of stuff to read.... I appreciate the input! I'm off to begin my adventure!!! Talk to you all soon... Karen
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