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    Reading, animals (dogs, horses, cats in particular, but generally "all creatures great and small"), cooking, walking.<br /><br />My husband and I used to go ceroc dancing, but haven't done so for the past half year, so will be starting again soon. Looking forward to this as ceroc is fun!<br /><br />We bought a new horse today! My older mare is quite lonely, so we decided to get her a nice friend. We found him last night and he's 16.1hh high, darkbrown and very kind.

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  1. Hi there, I think you are looking for me. I'm living between Cambridge and Hamilton. Would be great to talk. I know of another VA in the BOP. Cheers Heike
  2. Thanks for this notification. I went to the link and signed up and looking forward to learning the new skills.
  3. I'm jealous. I wish I could attend, but I'm good ole New Zealand and it's too far.
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