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    Reading, animals (dogs, horses, cats in particular, but generally "all creatures great and small"), cooking, walking.<br /><br />My husband and I used to go ceroc dancing, but haven't done so for the past half year, so will be starting again soon. Looking forward to this as ceroc is fun!<br /><br />We bought a new horse today! My older mare is quite lonely, so we decided to get her a nice friend. We found him last night and he's 16.1hh high, darkbrown and very kind.

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  1. Ooops, didn't see that it was such an old post.
  2. Hi there, I think you are looking for me. I'm living between Cambridge and Hamilton. Would be great to talk. I know of another VA in the BOP. Cheers Heike
  3. Huh? Why do you think you have to be secretarial or administrative? This is absolutely not true. The things you list are just as needed as bookkeeping, internet marketing, etc. If you compare yourself to other people you will never go anywhere. The thing is there are many clients out there looking for these services and there are probably not enough VAs out there to serve them all. Think globally, the world is getting smaller, there are plenty of people out there and your skills are great to offer in combination with social media.
  4. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I will follow your lead and ask the clients to have their own account. Thanks again. Cheers Heike
  5. Hi everybody, how do you handle this? Who pays for the memberships, such as Constant Contact, Shopping Cart, Teleconferencing membership sites, etc.? I have, for example, Aweber and Constant Contact for myself, but will the client need their own membership? And how about the shopping cart? I would greatly appreciate your input. Cheers Heike
  6. Have you tried feedburner and downloaded their code to put on the blog for people to subscribe to? There are also plug ins that can be downloaded that make sure someone can subscribe or share the blog posts.
  7. I think it's a bit like dating. When I was single and "looking" I came across all sorts of men. Some were not interested; some were interested, but not that much to go on another date; some were interested to go on more than one date, but not to go exclusive; and there are only very few that you get into a real relationship with. Many women get upset because they feel they might have missed out yet again on a "great guy", but in reality it was a blessing in disguise because a better match was probably just around the corner. Hang in there... We are all in the same boat.
  8. Michelle Schoen from vademogirl.com might know someone as she's a specialist in videos. She can't take on new work, I think, as she's booked out, but she might have contacts.
  9. Yesterday, I cancelled my paid membership with Elance because it's not the right place to look for work for me. All I got is these weird people who are looking for the $4/hour VAs and they try to push down your price to that. I was very upset during the last few days because of the cheek some of these people offering work have. Unfortunately, there are the workers from India who offer services for almost nothing and we can't compete with that because we live in countries where you need a bit more money to survive. I'm not a VA who wants to beg for $4 an hour jobs and I don't pay for all the courses that I'm doing to serve this market, so I personally will stay away from Elance from now on because it's just getting me depressed seeing for what sort of money other people work and how easily employers like to exploit others.
  10. Thanks a lot for your ideas. I will discuss with the client if he would like section breaks or maybe a table instead of the footer for the updates. At least now I know what options there are and don't need to worry about giving him the wrong advice. Thanks again, you are all awesome.
  11. Hi everybody, I have a client who's wanting me to update a badly formatted policy manual. Additionally to that, he would like a customized footer (additionally to the normal footer that shows the pages, etc.) indicating what date the page was changed, eg. the footer would then read: page 1/200, page updated on 9/2/09 or similar. The thing is that I can't find a footer option that is customized per page, the footers usually are customized by document. But he would like the footer on each page differently. Is there such an option? I use 2007 and he uses 2003, but I can work on 2003 as well. Has anybody worked with this problem before? I tried to do a google search, but haven't found a solution for this problem. Thanks a lot. Heike
  12. www.contentdesk.com www.ezinearticles.com www.goarticles.com www.articlecity.com www.searchwarp.com www.article99.com www.buzzle.com www.justarticles.com www.bpubs.com www.articlesfactory.com www.articlemarketer.om www.articleannouncer.com www.articletrader.com www.submityourarticle.com
  13. What do you mean by no responses? If you mean no one asked for your services, then I don't really think it's to do with the medium, such as Constant Contact. With Constant Contact you can check how many have opened the email and what they did next, so there's nothing really wrong with the system. It's about the value of your content and how you connect with the potential customer. Additionally, you need to use psychologically appealing or persuasive headlines to get click throughs and you need to build trust with your email campaign. I think it's quite normal not to expect a lot of response when you've send out only a few emails so far. Keep continuing the newsletters, but also ask other people what they REALLY think of your content. I get really bored and annoyed when I just get "sell, sell, sell" newsletters. I went to a conference a few months back and our email list was distributed, so people added each other on their lists. And there the flood of offers came into my email box. It was horrible. Everything these ladies did was sending offers they wanted you to buy. There was virtually no proper content in the emails. I deleted them all. If you check out some VAs' newsletters you will be amazed how much information they give away for free - AND they build trust in their abilites because the readers are intrigued by how much knowledge the sender of the email has. To get yourself to look as knowledgable you need to do quite a lot of research before you send a newsletter out. I collect blog posts, info bits, etc. in a separate newsletter file to use as ideas and to make new content from it. I would suggest you subscribe to lots of newsletters and blogs of successful VAs to see how they send out successful newsletters. That's the best way to learn and get results.
  14. I'm just starting with Wordpress and will be launching my new WP website soon. I'm so excited about it. I haven't had any experience with the older versions.
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