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    Personal interests are learning as much as possible about everything! I also like water-skiing, camping, fishing, crocheting, reading, watching Star Trek, and getting my virtual business going!!

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! You and your child will reap the rewards of a happier mommy. Being a VA isn't easy, but boy is it fun! You've found the right forum to help you. Everyoone here is incredibly supportive and there's a large pool of informations to utilize, which is always a good thing. Hang in there and good luck to you!! Linda
  2. Hi Judy, and everyone else! This tip spurred me to begin again with what I know I want to do. I want to be a VA and I allowed "life" to stop the process. I'm back now and am loving every minute. I'll keep doing the daily grind for the "man" for a while yet, but I find that this article reminded me of how much fun I had listening to all of you and exploring different aspects of what I'm good at vs. what I love to do. Thank you for your continued inspiration and support. It's good to be "home". LindaQ
  3. I've seen those ads, too! Pretty impressive looking! I'm hoping someone here knows a little about it before I invest. I was leaning towards a BB, but that ad really caught my eye! I guess we'll see. Linda
  4. Thank you, Tracy! I have absolutely felt like an idiot when it comes to my WP site (as Tawyna can attest). I guess after I graduate on the 11th (woohoo!!!), I'll just have to take the extra time I have then and jump in!! (That's a warning to all of you! Once I get in there, I'll have a MILLION questions, I'm sure- ) Linda
  5. Hi Brent! Great idea, but I had trouble with the download - probably all the "JUNK" I have - any suggestions? Linda
  6. Hi Jodie, I just wanted to tell you that I really get a kick out of how you sign your name! I'm always looking for posts from you so I can see the new one! LOL Hope your cough gets better soon! Linda
  7. Happy Birthday to Pat Zappavigna!!!!! Hope your day is absolutely wonderful!!! We love you!! Linda
  8. Please email Patty Dost and she will help with this. Her email address is: resources@vanetworking.com. Your information must be entered manually until the change to the new site, is my understanding. Welcome aboard! I'm a new VAInsider myself!! Linda
  9. Wow - that's a little high for my taste. Dell has some wireless All-In-One that I'll probably end up with. I currently have a Dell All-In-One, but it's just not working with my Dimension 3000 anymore - don't know what happened. I can hook it to my Inspiron 1525 and print, but I can't fax or scan anymore. BooHoo! Oh well - computer problems are here to stay, so I work around them. Linda
  10. WOW! I am SUPER impressed. I'm taking an XHTML complete class and am hoping to be as good as you are at designing one day! Very nicely done!! The content is great, too! A lot of useful information layed out in an easy read. Good job! Linda
  11. Hi there, I'm planning to get a new printer after the 1st of the year, too. The one you described sounds like something I'd be interested in. What is it? Thanks! Linda
  12. Hi Patty, I just became a Supercharged member, but cannot access the logos area to put your logo on my site. What's up?? Thanks! Linda
  13. Thank you, Deneen. I just wanted to say a public Thank you to you, as well, for trusting me with this. It was an honor to have a fellow VA think of me when they needed help! I am so glad to be part of this wonderful forum!! Thanks, again, Deneen!! Linda
  14. Thanks! Those are very good recommendations and I will continue to "tweak" it over then next few days/weeks until it "feels" right! Thank you all! Linda
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