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  1. Sorry ahead of time if this is way long…

    I have been interested in and researching the VA business for a few years and am just now taking the plunge with both feet. I resigned from my full time away from home gig at a corporate office effective 9/30, to get into VA work and be home more with my 1 year old son, and I am a little lost. The place where I am lost is I don’t really know my niche or if I even have one? I’ve been in admin support for over 9 years, and the past 3 I have spent proofreading, editing and processing document changes so I am somewhat of a MS Word guru (but how far is that going to get me?). I can proofread with the best and catch mistakes that others leave behind, but I don’t know if I would be comfortable editing a book or anything like that but I would be willing to try! I’m pretty decent with grammar but in no way do I have a degree in English!

    I have an AAS degree in CIS with emphasis in Web Design, and I used to be able to hand code websites and build in Dreamweaver 8 but I haven’t practiced in 3 years so that is kind of lost. I took a programming class and a database administration class and built db in Access from the ground up, but I also haven’t practiced that in 3 years either. I am seasoned in event planning, large and small (but how far is that going to get me?). I have superior customer service skills and I can resolve issues in a heartbeat, very good people skills. I have also worked as a bank teller.

    If I purchased some books and guides, like Access for dummies and html for dummies and Dreamweaver for dummies, I probably could fumble my way through building a db or a website, but what if I fail? Should I go ahead and try it anyway??

    SO, any ideas for me out there? Do I try the things I have done in the past and just hang my head if I fail with a client??

    I have reserved my website with my bus name and have registered with my state. I would really like to build my site myself but I haven’t had time yet, still working full time away from home.

    I am really interested in social media marketing and SEO (man it used to be a lot simpler when I was in school!) but I don’t have the experience or training.

    Thanks for any help!!


    Congratulations on taking the plunge! You and your child will reap the rewards of a happier mommy. Being a VA isn't easy, but boy is it fun! You've found the right forum to help you. Everyoone here is incredibly supportive and there's a large pool of informations to utilize, which is always a good thing. Hang in there and good luck to you!!



  2. I know that this woman wrote this great piece for writers, but it has a lot of meaning to me in many different facets.




    Look for what you are interested in, love doing so much that the hard work feels good, even ditch digging, then pursue clients in that area(niche).


    Sometimes you should love to work!


    Hi Judy, and everyone else!


    This tip spurred me to begin again with what I know I want to do. I want to be a VA and I allowed "life" to stop the process. I'm back now and am loving every minute. I'll keep doing the daily grind for the "man" for a while yet, but I find that this article reminded me of how much fun I had listening to all of you and exploring different aspects of what I'm good at vs. what I love to do. Thank you for your continued inspiration and support.


    It's good to be "home".



  3. Well, I've seen ads about Droid that Verizon offers.....any thoughts?


    I've seen those ads, too! Pretty impressive looking! I'm hoping someone here knows a little about it before I invest. I was leaning towards a BB, but that ad really caught my eye! I guess we'll see.



  4. Wordpress.com is used when you host a Wordpress blog through Wordpress. Wordpress.org is where you host the blog on your own hosting. If you use Wordpress.com you are VERY limited on the themes you can choose from. However, if you use Wordpress.org there are several different themes you can download and use. You just have to do a search for Wordpress themes and you will find several. Many people use both Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com for both blogs and sites.


    There are several plugins and widgets that you can use on a wordpress site. Plugins and Widgets are used to add more interactivity or functions to your site. If you are looking to change the colors, header, design of a theme that you download off the internet, you will need to know html and CSS. The only way to actually customize them is by getting into the coding and messing around with how it's set up and the colors and images that are already in the site.


    I love WP for a blog but I am not a big fan of using Wordpress for a site simply because the more widgets and plugins that you get on the site, the more clunky it is and the more stuff can go wrong with it. Also in order to use WP for a site and customize it and use it to it's full potential, you WILL have to know at the very least the absolute basics of html and css and if that is the extent of your knowledge in coding, it can get very frustrating very easily.




    Tracy Collins

    Collins-Admin Services


    Thank you, Tracy! I have absolutely felt like an idiot when it comes to my WP site (as Tawyna can attest). I guess after I graduate on the 11th (woohoo!!!), I'll just have to take the extra time I have then and jump in!! (That's a warning to all of you! Once I get in there, I'll have a MILLION questions, I'm sure- :unsure: )





  5. I have the answer for you. This program is called Dropbox. You install it on your computer and invite your client to add a shared folder on their computer. Then it puts a folder on your computer and one in your clients computer. They are linked together and synced. Then all you have to do is drag the file into the folder and it puts the file in the clients folder. If the file is changed on either end, it is automatically synced up.


    The program is secure and works beautifully. I have been using it for over 8 months now and I love it. You start with 2GB of storage. If you refer someone, they automatically add 250mb up to 5GB. Not only do you get 250mb, but the person that joined also gets 250mb.


    Oh...did I mention it is FREE!


    No more sending emails or using all those clunky programs to send large files. Just drag and drop. Did I mention it is FREE?


    Ask one of the other VA's here who signed up for a referral.


    Please use the link above so we each get the additional 250mb. I cannot say enough about this program (obviously). Also, the files are accessible anywhere from any computer. The files are securely stored on remote server. So it serves as a mini-backup server.


    Did I mention it is FREE?





    Hi Brent!


    Great idea, but I had trouble with the download - probably all the "JUNK" I have - any suggestions?



  6. Ok, please tell me how you configure the widget that shows the login and members status.


    Jodie "Tired and still coughing" Burdette



    Hi Jodie,


    I just wanted to tell you that I really get a kick out of how you sign your name! I'm always looking for posts from you so I can see the new one! LOL


    Hope your cough gets better soon!


    Linda :D

  7. Hi Linda, this is a Lexmark X500 series. At my day job, I had a Lexmark X500N that did all of the functions I noted and it was under $500. I looked online and they are up to X544N and $800 now. I'm hoping to find a left over X500N when I'm ready to buy after the first of the year.



    Wow - that's a little high for my taste. Dell has some wireless All-In-One that I'll probably end up with. I currently have a Dell All-In-One, but it's just not working with my Dimension 3000 anymore - don't know what happened. I can hook it to my Inspiron 1525 and print, but I can't fax or scan anymore. BooHoo!


    Oh well - computer problems are here to stay, so I work around them.



  8. Shannon, before you make a purchase, calculate the cost of ownership. At my previous day job, we found that even though a color laser costs more initially, the cost of toner cartridges, maintenance kits, etc were far cheaper than the cost of the ink cartridges for the inkjets. When I buy a color printer after the first of the year, it will be a laser all-in-one. The one I plan to purchase is networkable, will print in color, scan, fax, copy and the scanned documents can be sent to email as a pdf.


    Hi there,


    I'm planning to get a new printer after the 1st of the year, too. The one you described sounds like something I'd be interested in. What is it?





  9. I just posted a reply in another message. I'm working on it. I'll have you approved this morning.


    Hi Patty,


    I just became a Supercharged member, but cannot access the logos area to put your logo on my site. What's up??





  10. Thanks, Deneen!


    The wolf represents my wolf - his name is Boo. My grandaughter named him after she watched Monsters, Inc. He's a great animal and we love him!


    The "About" page isn't done - I'll change the fonts and shorten it. I'll also take your advice about the /. I haven't started blogging yet, but when I do, I'll let you know!


    Thanks again!!




    PS - thanks to Tawyna who made it sooooo pretty!!



  11. Hi guys!


    Well, this might be a really stupid question, but bear with me. I have a website that I find beautimous, but when I open it, the tab is blank. I'm assuming it has something to do with the index.html <title>, but I don't know how to fix it because I don't understand WordPress and how to program it. HELP!


    By the way - it's www.lindalooworksforyou.com and that's what I'd like the tab to read. I just formatted the Home page this morning and I'm ready for a critique, too! The first problem I know will be pointed out to me is that it falls to the left. Well, I don't know how to fix that either because, again, I don't understand WP and how to use my CPanel or my Dashboard to program.


    OK - all done now. Please check it out, offer honest (brutal) critiques, and any help with the programming will be greatly appreciated!



  12. Hi Tracy,


    Wow! I'm impressed with what you've shared her and appalled that you felt the need to do it! Shame on those who couldn't take the constructive criticism that they sought out from you. I have NEVER found anything you say as harsh or unwarranted, quite the opposite. You've ALWAYS come across as genuinely trying to help.


    I applaud your efforts to assuage any "hurt feelings", I'm just sad that you felt it was necessary.


    I think you're great! Sorry you haven't felt the :wub: lately!! Here's a :grouphug: for you!





  13. In your dashboard go to Settings>General there is a box that is probably checked that says "Membership - Anyone can register." Uncheck that box. Then delete the new user.


    Also, under Settings>Discussion, make sure the box is not checked that says, "Users must be registered and logged in to comment."


    Thanks! As usual, I log on to VANA and find information that I can use! What a great forum!



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