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  1. Hi Crystal,


    Thank you for sharing that! That's a company that I will definitely stay away from and will warn others about. What a shame you had to go through this! I hope you receive your money back quickly. It was very interesting to hear, also, that the AG doesn't want to get involved in B2B cases, I wonder why? That's sad, too.





  2. Hi all,


    I participated in my first forum tonight, for a little while, and had an absolute blast!!! :girlsout: I will definitely be attending every Wednesday. I also joined Twitter today, still have some learning to do because it's only my second online social area. These places can become addicting!! Thank you all for being so gracious and making me feel so welcome!


    I am so psyched about this whole VA thing! It's a great idea and since I'm a workaholic, but I don't like working in traditional settings, it's perfect for me!!!


    Thanks for coming up with this idea! Oh, by the way, have any of you seen a website called Virtual Office Temps? Is there anything to them?


    Thanks again! "See" you all next Wednesday!


    Linda Qualls (lindaloo)

    Villa Linda Business Solutions, LLC


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