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  1. Welcome! You're gonna LOVE it here! There's a lot of really valuable information here that you can't find in any other forum! And the people!! Well, you'll see! LindaQ
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For once I actually qualify for something I can use!! I'm starting my last term in college, so I can get this!! Yippee!! Thanks, again!! LindaQ
  3. Thanks, Angela! I'm so glad you shared this, I caught myself last night about ready to send an email that was full of typos and grammar issues. If I hadn't taken the time to read it, my client would have thought I was smoking crack!!! Seriously, though, this is an important topic and I appreciate you posting a link to your first writings on the subject! We all need a reminder to slow down and make sure our words make sense before we put them out there for all to see. LindaQ
  4. Hi, I must agree with everyone here. I had a short term job last summer and she wanted to have her business phone through MagicJack. It was horrible! I hated it - the sound was terrible, the support was iffy at best, etc. etc. etc. Tell your friend it's really NOT worth it, in my opinion. LindaQ
  5. OK - I'm soooo proud of myself, I figured out how to redirect my email from the site to my personal and got the email password link, which allowed me to fix it and sign into my dashboard! Woohoo! I LOVE IT when I figure something out!! I still wish I had the knowledge about WP to just whiz through setting everything up, but doing it this way will make me remember what I've learned better, so it's all good!! Thanks to everyone for their support! Thanks to Tawyna and Crystal for contacting me! I love it here! Linda PS - Beth, did you get yours working right? I sure hope so!
  6. Hi Milly, Even though I don't have a client, haven't finished my website, and am starting to panic about finances, I have to agree with everyone here. I am NOT going to give up, I AM going to keep on going and believe it or not, just reading the posts here helps me to do that. If fact, just reading the answers you have received has helped me. I didn't know about meetup.com until I read the posts. I just checked it out and found a women's business owner group near me that was formed as a networking/support group. It sounds great and I signed up on the spot. Don't give up, you'll get there! Even if the worst happens and I have to get a temp job outside the home, I'm going to keep on trying to build my business. I knew getting into this that I was in for the long haul and that I couldn't expect work immediately, so I just keep reminding myself that I've only been really working on this for about 6 weeks and that I'm really doing well, considering. I'm learning more everyday and improving myself and my business all the time. Please hang in there! I know that you can do it!...... I know WE can do it! LindaQ
  7. So is this done through the cPanel? I'll try it too, but don't know how. Linda
  8. Jinx, jinx!! LOL Don't fret, I'll either figure it out or deal with it on Monday. I was just going to work on it some more. I hope yours gets well soon! Linda
  9. OK - I'm in the same boat! I just tried to log in and couldn't. They want to send my password (which I haven't changed) it to my email at info@lindalooworksforyou.com and I don't know how to access that address. Also, this morning, when it let me log in, I tried to add a WP plugin and it told me my password was incorrect. I double-checked my admin page and it's me, so I don't know what to do. I can't get into my site at all. See, this is what happens when you give people like me, who know just enough to get into trouble, any kind of power! Any help is appreciated! Linda
  10. Very true, I should know better. Anything that you can get for free with a little effort, you shouldn't pay for. I learned that on my mother's knee! Linda
  11. I'm so sorry this happened and I wish I knew what to say to make it better! Just know you have all of us "feeling your pain"! Hope everything works out! Linda
  12. Soooo, the computer GURU has troubles, too! The difference between you and your humble servants (myself) is that I would have never thought of the mouse and ended up throwing the whole system out the window!! Oh to be you! Seriously, thanks for letting us know, now we have another resource when things go wacky! Glad you figured it out! Linda
  13. Hi all, Has anyone heard of 360WebCMS? They began following me on Twitter this am and I checked out their website and am curious. Here's their website: http://www.360webcms.com/ They claim to help maintain your websites content. After yesterday's webinar from Crystal, I'm leary. Thanks!! Linda
  14. Hi Candy, Unfortunately, I'm probably one of those "certain VAs" because I have 6 months to start making money. If I don't, then I have to go back to work and continue trying to get a toe in the VA biz which will be harder. I'm confident that I will be successful, but I can't be discriminating. Any money is better than no money. Soooo, I'll keep my membership with them and take any crumbs I can get, as long as they are not dangerous (spam, hacking, etc.). Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it!! See you at the Coffee Break on Mon.! Linda
  15. Why did Double Team get a bad rep? Before I cancel because I'm scared, please tell me what the deal is. Thanks! Linda
  16. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! !!!! Real knee-slapper, Kim!! Seriously, though, never heard of them - careful! Linda
  17. This is a toughy! I agree that you should let them know that you don't mind helping in a pinch, but if they want continuous work, then you would have to charge. Maybe you can give them a special rate. Volunteering is rewarding and fun! I'm currently volunteering for the Golden Gate Opera doing event postings for the production of Hansel and Gretel and posting for volunteers. If I lived closer, I would probably be there every day. The problem with volunteering is that it can take up a lot of time and it's hard to say no once you've started. I applaud you for wanting to help, just don't be taken advantage of. It's a hard line to define. Linda
  18. Hi! I hope it helps, too, as I just signed up! I trust what I read here, so I'm looking forward to getting some clients this way! Thank you all! LindaQ
  19. My vote is to put "Your" in front. Congrats on achieving another goal! Linda
  20. Exporting to where? If it's another email account, then the new account should have a way of doing that. I exported my email from my personal AOL account to my gmail account along with all of the emails. If he's exporting to a database, he'll have to save them to an address book, I'm afraid. At least I think so.....I'm sure you'll get a better answer here. Good luck! Linda
  21. There are avatars you can use until you can post your picture. Go to My Controls and check them out. Linda
  22. What a beautiful, misunderstood force of nature!! LindaQ
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