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  1. Thank you! I just watched episode 4 yesterday - I love it! Hey - are you a Trekky, too? Do you know what the Crystalline Entity is?? I'm thinking about trying to find a pix of it and making it my avatar on my personal social sites. Sorry, off topic. Thanks again! Linda
  2. Hi, The Patch/Upgrade uninstalls everything to do with the printer, I think they have that for people like me that know just enough to get into trouble! Then I have to reinstall and then put in the disk and stop it from installing.......whew! I quit when I got to that part. 6 hours fighting with it was enough! I'm starting again today because I can just feel that it'll work this time. LindaQ PS - I'm sure glad you're back!! How are you feeling?
  3. Speaking of branding. I have been called Lindaloo for most of my adult life. I don't know why (I suspect it's because of that song), but no matter where I've worked, someone calls me Lindaloo. So, my website is lindalooworksforyou.com and my tagline is Lindaloo works for you. Now as to the name of the business, since I'm starting out as a general office assistant and hope to go into medical billing in the future, I had to chose one that was vague, so I'm Villa Linda Business Solutions. I'm sure that one of those rings better in your head, I'd go with it. I hope this helps a little. Linda
  4. Mine is my old one from my desktop. I installed a new one and also used Acronis. I love having it - it really helped how my computer worked. LindaQ
  5. Thank you both for your help. I'm currently logged into the Dell Community and hoping they have a solution. However, I really don't think this printer will be able to do anything except print. I'll have to buy a newer one to get it to interface with Vista and XP. I'll let you guys know what they say!! By the way - I tried both solutions and it is now scanning, but it's still not faxing. Now I'm trying to see if I can get it to communicate and fax. We'll see! Wish me luck!! I've been at it all day - not what I'd planned for today, but Oh Well!! LindaQ
  6. Hi there, I think I'm going to have to buy a new printer, but before I take that step I thought I'd post my problem here. OK - I have a Dell Dimension 3000 that I purchased in 2005 or 2006 and it came with a Dell AIO 922 All-In-One Inkjet Printer. Up until recently, I haven't had any problems. Well, my desktop has been acting up and I've had trouble communicating with the printer, getting online, and generally being able to function. So, I loaded the printer onto my Dell Inspiron Laptop that I purchased last summer and, viola!, I could print! Now I need to fax and I find out that this printer doesn't support Vista so I can't even access the All-In-One Center. Trying to be self-sufficient, I googled my problem and thought I found a solution in Network Magic! Unfortunately, this program doesn't do anything different than I've already done with Windows Live One Care, so I'm uninstalling it and coming here for help. Does anyone know how I can get this printer to work correctly with Vista? If the solution is calling Dell, I will, but I'm hoping it won't come to that. Thanks! LindaQ
  7. Can't believe I missed this back when you posted it! I love it - thanks! Linda
  8. What has been said about collections agencies buying debt is true, however, in New Mexico you have to have a certain amount owed to you before they will take on the debt. I checked into it when I sub-contracted last summer and she was owed $1500 which was not enough for any of the agencies here (New Mexico). They advised me to go to small claims court for restitution. You'll have to call the collection agencies where you are to see what their criteria are. Good luck to you! LindaQ
  9. Thanks! I've bookmarked it! Linda
  10. Linda, Thank God for your husband. It is love and faith that gives us the hope that the best and only the best will happen. We are all very happy Linda that you made it through. Hope that you are doing well!! Thank you. Yeah - he's a keeper, that's for sure. I'm doing better than I have been in years. That's why I've been bothering you guys so much recently even though I joined the forum 2 years ago. I just didn't have the get-up-and-go to "meet" any of you until now. I'm loving life and thanking God every day! LindaQ
  11. That explains the trouble with Facebook, too. Thanks!
  12. Aha! So it's not my computer and I can settle down. Thank you. Linda
  13. Speaking of Twitter - is anyone having trouble with their Tweetdeck this morning? I just tried to post from it and couldn't and it hasn't loaded all of my columns yet. I'm also having trouble signing back into Facebook - something is fishy in my social network today. hmmmmmm LindaQ
  14. What good advice! It's in giving that we find true happiness and rewards. LindaQ
  15. I love all these stories!! It just goes to show that a little faith goes a long way. There's so much to be thankful for and it's nice to read about the miracles that all of us have first hand knowledge of! Thanks for sharing! Linda
  16. Hi all, Just found a new item of interest I'd like to share. It seems that some of the Tweets we read are not generated by humans after all. It's good to sort out followers as I've seen mentioned here before. Along with that item, this article has some interesting trivia about social media. Enjoy! http://mashable.com/2009/08/06/twitter-bots/ LindaQ
  17. Hear, hear!! Allow me to add my appreciation for all involved in this forum. I'm a member of 2 other forums, but the information I gather her is much more useful and concise. I prefer to spend my "forum time" here. Thank you all! LindaQ
  18. Thanks so much for the link! Even though I've taken both Access 2003 and 2007 classes in school, I still feel that I need additional training and getting it from the "horse's mouth" is probably the way to go. LindaQ
  19. Wow! That was powerful! My husband was the one that didn't give up and, as a result, I'm still here. I was in a coma and not expected to live and he just refused to let me go, thank God! I'm sitting here weeping with joy at how this little boy's love saved his sister. Thank you so much for sharing this. LindaQ
  20. Hi Deneen, They offer something every day, so be sure to check it out. Another site I've been meaning to tell you all about is http://www.komando.com/. She's a local gal that has a geek show every Saturday morn on the local channel and a radio show every day. She has great tips on everything from fixing to using your computer. She offers downloads, also. Anyway, wish I'd logged on and gotten the card software! Oh well, there'll be another time, I'm sure. Linda
  21. Boohoo!! I missed it!!! I did, however, download the one for today which is the Presentation Assistant. Looks like a cool program! Thanks for the update! You reminded me to check the site! I'm going to add a task to my calendar and check it every day. Linda
  22. Thank you! Good knowledge! I will file away for later use! Linda
  23. I was thinking more of Catherine or Wendy (the DNA Tech) OMG, I think I am getting dizzy again. My knees are all wobbley and I think I am getting Twitterpated. OK Thumper, calm down! It's really good to have you back! (I'm voting for Nick Stokes, as well, ohh la la!!) LindaQ
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