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  1. This is good advice! I HAVE to get out there and meet people in my area, I just have to do it! Thanks for the boost! Linda
  2. This is a tough one. In the state of New Mexico, when a prospective employer checks your employment record all that may be said is whether or not you worked there and the dates. Anything personal is illegal (I'm sure it happens, though). The reason for this is that the person giving the reference may have negative personal feelings about you that have nothing to do with whether or not you were a good employee. You must be careful and perhaps you should just say that referrals are not something you do. You could offer to verify the project and the length of time you worked together, but not infer anything personal one way or another. I really don't know..... Linda
  3. Thanks for checking - that's WAY cool!! Linda
  4. Sooo glad you're back! Don't overdo!! Being is hideous, but I'm glad there was no need for ! Welcome back! Linda
  5. So, you're able to keep the video's? That's worth the money right there. In my courses at school, the website "stuff" is only available to you for the duration of the class. Thanks to everyone for the input! I've made the decision to attend as soon as my student loan comes in - sometime in September. Linda
  6. Wow! You are in quite the pickle!! I can hear your frustration and anger at her, her husband, and yourself and my advice is to let it go for now. Take a day off from it and start again fresh. You, unfortunately, told her you'd only charge her for the 2 hours, so you've already lost money and stand to lose more. Take a bath, a breath, a glass of wine, something to calm yourself down and remember you are helping a friend in need. Granted, the husband screwed things up, but he meant well. Once this is done, you can pat yourself on the back for a job and a deed well done. The charity you felt in your heart when you offered to do this will come back to you. You just need to take a break and start again when you are fresh - I suggest after a night's sleep. I don't know if this helped, but it's all I got. LindaQ
  7. I just downloaded it and I LOVE IT!! Thanks for directing me in the right direction!! Linda
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Linda
  9. Well, I just quit Elance and after reading this, I'm even more glad that I did. Thanks.
  10. Help!!! How do you get/use TweetDeck? I just did a search on Twitter and got no results. I am starting to feel like Brent - I'm not sure this is worth the trouble. I don't understand all the in's and out's of social networking and have not read all the "stuff" I've downloaded to learn, so we'll see. I also don't know how to use "tinyURL" - I've googled it and don't know how to copy the tinyURL into my Tweets or onto my FaceBook. I'm counting on you guys to help yet again.....to help me with the.... Thanks! Linda
  11. Thanks again everyone (especially LindaQ for the virtual beer as it's the only type I'm allowed at 5 months' pregnant!!!!) Take care Gillian CONGRATULATIONS!! How are you feeling?? Is this your first? How exciting!!! Good luck to you and I'll pray that you are "on time"! LindaQ
  12. Thanks. Maybe I'll be lucky and it will last until I get my last student loan. Hope so. Linda
  13. Deneen, email me at info AT officeto-go.com. Deneen, May I email you, also? I'm still getting all my contracts together and am looking for a simple, comprehensive, easy-to-read contract to start with. Thanks. LindaQ
  14. I am really sorry to find out that this even happens. Because of people like her, experienced VA's will have a harder time trusting people like me. Please try not to let this make you cynical, that would be a shame. I agree that you should contact a lawyer to review the contract and help decide whether or not to sue. As a new VA who hasn't even finished her website and is still trying to figure out the best way to find a client, I'm appalled that someone would behave like this. I'd consider it an honor to work under and experienced VA and it wouldn't even cross my mind to do something like this. Again, I'm so sorry that this happened. LindaQ
  15. I am planning on attending VAclassroom.com as soon as I get my student loan in Sept. Until then, I'm searching for help as well. I'm currently checking out About.com. It looked interesting, but I haven't had the time to actually navigate the site because my family is visiting. Anyway, sorry I don't have any really helpful tips for you. I agree with everyone else - VAclassroom is the optimum way to learn. By the way - I tried ELance.com to find work and don't recommend it to anyone. It looks like the answer to your prayers, but even bidding out at $9/hr, I was told that my bids were too high. I won't work for anything less and didn't really want to work for that, but times being what they are - oh well! Live and learn! Thank God for this forum!! It keeps me going!! Thank you everyone!! Good luck to you! LindaQ
  16. All I can say is "WOW!" What a good job you've done. You should be very proud!! Congrats!! LindaQ
  17. Yes, track the changes on the document they sent. That way they know what changes you would make and incorporate them, or not, into the original. Hope this helps! LindaQ
  18. Hi there, Thank you! You have reminded me to pick up the VAC again and go through step by step instead of getting so distracted. I lost my discipline and need to work on it. Maybe it's a good thing that school will be starting up again. Since I'm taking 13 hours online, I'll become disciplined again and can use that to get what I need to do done, finally! I actually knew the answer - I just needed the kick in the pants you just gave me. Thanks again!! LindaQ
  19. Hi all, My family is coming in today from California and Minnesota for a reunion, so I'm going to be out of touch and offline for about 10 days. That means I'm also going to miss a few seminars (2 in general forum & not sure in Insiders forum). Could someone let me know how to find copies of the ones I've missed already (yesterday) and the ones I will miss? Also, since beginning this trek in earnest last month, I'm now finding that I'm spending hours reading blogs, finding information and reading it, etc., etc., etc., when do I make time to actually find work? If I don't spend hours looking at all the new posts, new blogs, and new tech tools, I feel like I'm going to miss something important. The problem is that I have filled my days with this and have neglected my business plan, brochure, and business card. Any tips on how to sort what's really important out so that I can spend at least one hour a day towards developing my business? Thanks everyone!! I'll try to check back soon to see any answers to this post. I'll "see" all of you again in a week & 1/2!! you all! Linda
  20. Hi there, I agree with everyone else about too much text. Overall, though, I really like it! I would suggest that you put your website and perhaps your phone number at the bottom of all 3 folds. Definitely keep the graphics you have - they're great - just add a few more. I'm almost done with mine and looking forward to getting helpful tips from all of you! Linda
  21. Hi Linda, I'm not sure where you are trying to find me in WordPress but my site is at www.kellywilliamsva.com Thanks Kelly, I was just looking up your name and not finding it for some reason. I'll go now to check it out! Linda
  22. Thanks, Tawyna! I'll check it out! LindaQ
  23. What a great idea! Thanks for letting us know about it! You're a good person for doing this. LindaQ
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