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  1. Wow! Sorry about that! I don't know where I got Kim from! Anyway, good luck Kris!
  2. Hi Kim, I'm with the others. I go through phases of insomnia, so the middle of the night is when I work - other times days are better. I do check mail and posts here and other forums until about 9:00pm, but I start as early as 5:00am. It's a wonderful thing being your own boss. If I want to take my grandkids to the movies, I can. I love it!! Just try not to overdue - I find that if I don't force myself to stop, I'll work all the time. Linda
  3. Thank you ladies! I was hoping for this response. Linda
  4. Have any of you heard of this? It seems to be an Internet Marketing Forum. I'm curious about it - is it for real? Are they legit? Thanks! Linda
  5. OK I just sent you an email - thanks, magic lady!! I'll download the software right now and let you know how it goes. I LOVE this place! Linda OK - I just tried again and was unsuccessful even getting to the software to download. I've sent you another email. Linda
  6. OK I just sent you an email - thanks, magic lady!! I'll download the software right now and let you know how it goes. I LOVE this place! Linda
  7. Hi, again, Ruth, That didn't work because it said that the Yahoo! email was already on file. Oh well! I'll just log on to AOL at the same time and check before entering the forum. Thanks anyway!! Linda
  8. You did an excellent job playing "Devil's advocate", I calmed down significantly after reading your post. thanks. I think that we are all offended because of the way it comes across! If it had been worded more like your example (minus the bullet points), perhaps it wouldn't have ruffled all of our feathers. However, I still find it wrong and the answer given was even worse. I've been in customer service for 30 years in just about every capacity and I would never talk down to my clients in the manner it was done here. This person needs serious help in communicating! Linda
  9. I forgot!! I also tried to join the seminar last night and was unable to get in. Firefox had me download software again and IE just couldn't do it. I sent an email to the link, but didn't hear back. I've attended before so I'm not sure what the problem was, but I'd like to find out so it doesn't happen again! Thanks! Linda
  10. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one!! Linda
  11. Ok - so maybe it's not illegal, but it's highly unethical and I agree your a "hellava" gal to not reveal their names! Linda
  12. Hi guys, I have my email notification of responses to my posts set to send to my Yahoo! account. However, when I first joined, I must have used my AOL account because all of my notifications are going there. Since it's the one I use strictly for personal use, I don't automatically sign in and I'm getting notifications late. How do I get it to just use my Yahoo! account until my website is set up? Thanks! Linda
  13. OK guys I just hit a learning curve. How do I get to there?? I've signed into my blog (which I haven't even posted in yet) and used the WP search to try to find Kelly Williams and splat - nothing. All of this feels like when I got my very first job and knew absolutely nothing! Please guide me. LindaQ
  14. Hi Michelle, This is horrible!! I know that the Internet has been lagging behind when it comes to law enforcement, but doesn't this constitute some sort of infringement? In the outside world, you can combat this in court via slander and libel, but how do we combat this in the virtual world? I'm not versed in the legal world, but as an armchair (Law & Order, CSI, NCIS) lawyer, this strikes me as somehow illegal. Of course, I may be talking out my you-know-what, but it's worth checking into. I'm really steamed about this! Let me know if you need help and I'll get everyone I know to mount an email response attack! to them!! LindaQ
  15. What a GREAT idea!! Wish I had someone to take my picture!! You guys look great!! Linda
  16. I missed it, too. Glad you asked this question. LindaQ
  17. Welcome!! It sounds like you have the makings of a very successful virtual business!! Good luck!! LindaQ
  18. I understand your dilemma completely. Even though I'm not going to be making money with my dream (at least not right away), I'm thinking you might start out by marketing your money making skill to the industry you're interested. You could conduct legal research for film or production studios or for publishing houses. There are many independent studios and publishing houses that probably don't have a huge budget and would love to have someone like you there to help them with their legalese problems. That way you'd be closer to realizing your dream - right? I don't know if any of what I just told you is feasible because this is not a market I've done any research on, but it's where I would start if it were me. Good luck!! Don't give up on your dream!! Who knows, you may connect with someone that can help you realize it! LindaQ
  19. You're going to LOVE it here! LindaQ Villa Linda Business Solutions, LLC
  20. I like the way this is organized - I'm always looking at Post-It notes for the things due in the future. I think I'm going to try it your way and see how it goes. If it works, my office will be less colorful, but more organized!! LOL LindaQ
  21. Hi Carly, I think your idea ROCKS!! I would love to read something like this. It's difficult for us new to the industry to identify the important and really useful information from the "stuff", ya know? I think quarterly would be good in the beginning, too, and, like Tawyna, I like reading paper. Good luck!! LindaQ
  22. Wow, Patty, these are really good, too!! Tawyna was right - I'm super glad I asked you guys!! I'll let you know which one I picked. I wish I could offer a prize, but I'm broke! Thank you all for your help, this is one my most important decisions, so your input is greatly appreciated!!!! LindaQ
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