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  1. I have been reading all these books, ebooks, & going through the forums (phew, still not even halfway through yet). I have taken alot in and want to keep at it because I really want to do this, but I am nervous.
  2. I am not going to offer payroll. I had considered it at one point because I have done it in QB but have never calculated the taxes that go with them. I have already decided I am not going to offer it til I am educated in doing payroll taxes. I was just trying to make a comparison. When doing payroll you should be expected to do the taxes too. If I am offering "x" service this is typically what I should expect. I am worried I may not expect something that I should offer with a service kinda like payroll taxes should be expected when doing payroll.
  3. I am wondering as I read the forums and research everything from websites to books if I am getting in over my head as far as what to expect when I offer a service. I was wondering if any of you who have been doing this for awhile maybe can kinda shed some light for me. I dont want to offer something and by doing so a client expects something and I am completely clueless. I have worked as secretarial/administrative rolls for 12 years and have learned alot, but I feel like I may be getting in over my head. For example if I am offering to do invoicing, statements, and bill payments what should I be expecting. I am just worried that I should have knowledge of doing something in which I have no idea what would be included in offering to do the services listed above. Also I have seen where some people offer concierge service, it may be a stupid question, but what exactly do you do. I am not sure if what I think that is, is actually what it is. What do I expect doing data entry? Do they send me bills and such to enter to their system? I have done payroll on Quickbooks but have never done payroll taxes, the accountant handled that. Payroll taxes are something that I feel I should know how to do if I am going to offer payroll services. So for now I am not going to offer that. Which is what I am afraid of by offering other services, that I may not be expecting something that I should be able to do by offering that. I know I this is long and I asked alot, but any info would be greatly appreciated. Melanie
  4. Thanks all! I was just wanting a realistic idea of what I would actually be working. I wasn't looking as far as "cost" is concerned. I am not looking to do 60-80 hours per week, so I want to adjust accordingly and have a realistic idea of what I should set my goals at.
  5. Ok well maybe its just me, but I dont see where to sign up for the training. I do see where I can purchase the exam only for 49.95. Also when I go to the training I see the Certified User Program but only have the option to "Learn More" which brings me to the overview. I only see the option for the exam only on the overview page. Every link I have found in the Certified User Program threads take me to the same page which is the overview. Maybe I am missing something. Please help.
  6. I am in the research stages of starting my own business. I am mostly waiting on our move in a couple weeks so we can get things in order as far as phone numbers, addresses and such. Anyway. I was wondering what to expect as far as billable hours vs. unbillable hours. If I were to work 10 billable hours a week, about how many should I expect for running the business as far as invoicing, paying bills, and such. Just curious about what the average time I could expect.
  7. Anyone in the Central Georgia area. I'm at Robins AFB and am educating myself on becoming a VA and have so many questions. If you're in my area email me. melanie.schroder@gmail.com
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