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  1. Thanks so much. I am actually in the process of converting a PDF. I actually downloaded Acrobat 9 Pro Trial. Warmest Regards, Sheila
  2. Have fun, learn much and hope to join you next year. Warmest Regards, Sheila
  3. Welcome to VAnetworking. It's a pleasure to meet you and hope to get to know you and your business better. Warmest Regards,
  4. Congratulations Regina, What an outstanding accomplishment! Wishing you all the best. Warmest Regards,
  5. Happy Birthday Sussa! Wish you many more to come... Sheila
  6. Happy Saturday everyone! Wow Teri, thanks so much for the info. I am signed up with tweetchat and now TweetDeck. I still have a bit to learn about using twitter to the fullest but I am confident that I should grab full hold of it quickly with all of this good advice. I'm sure I will have questions. Sheila
  7. Congratulations Kathy, what wonderful news. I am so happy for you. Sheila
  8. And I am so happy to be a part of it. Also, can't wait 'til the clients start rolling in. Sheila
  9. Hi Jennifer, The reporter Cheryl B and I attend the same hair salon in the downtown Chicago area. I don't know her personally, but just the times I have run into her she is a sweet and beautiful person. Sheila
  10. Wow Jennifer, I just saw this. Woot - Woot, Yea! I'm am so happy for you and representing Chi-town VAs. Congratulations. Sheila
  11. Hi Patty, Welcome - Glad to have you around. Sincerely, Sheila
  12. Congratulations Lauren! Best wishes for many more to come. Sincerely, Sheila
  13. Thanks so much for the reminder Debbie Lynn. Warmly, Sheila
  14. Happy New Year everyone! Hope your New Year is refreshing and is off to a great start. I spent my evening, nursing my four children and husband. They picked up some type of stomach virus. Let's just say, need to go out and purchase another bottle of clorox anywhere spray. Warmly, Sheila
  15. Hi MYoung and welcome! Glad to see you here. Browse around for some helpful information. Warmly, Sheila
  16. Welcome and congratulations Raedina! While you are resting with the new little one, go through the forum and absorb all of the helpful information available. Glad to see you here. Warmly, Sheila
  17. Welcome Lynda Jo! Happy to see you here. Best wishes on your 2009 leap to the next level. Warmly, Sheila
  18. Hi Keshia! I'm so glad you joined this wonderful team. You will find plenty of information to help you along the way. Best wishes on your new business. Warmly, Sheila
  19. Hi Kate, Welcome to the VAnetworking forum. There is plenty of information to share, so please stick around and enjoy. Best wishes on your endeavors. Warmly, Sheila
  20. Hi and . You are already off to a good start with having your equipment and finding VAnetworking. Wishing you the best for your business. Warmly, Sheila
  21. Welcome to the forum Arl. Search around and absorb all of the helpful information that VAnetworking has to offer. Any questions, just jump right in. Sincerely, Sheila
  22. Wow, what great PR. I am so happy for you. Congratulations Tawnya, this is awesome and congratulations to the VANetworking members. Sheila
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