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  1. I contacted our local newspaper editor to ask if he would be prepared to run an article in the Business Section which would promote virtual assistance in the local area. His initial reaction was of total confusion - he hadn't heard of virtual assistance - which I have to say is par for the course here in Scotland - however, he agreed and asked me to send in information. I prepared information and a link to my website (of course) and he has sent me back the final article which will appear in three newspapers in South, East and North Ayrshire, including a photo of yours truly and my website address and telephone number. However, since he has used most of the information provided by me, combined with information from the website, I just wanted some feedback on the content. Given the limitations of space, I want to make sure that the key points are all there. There are also a couple of paragraphs which repeat information and I'll ask the editor to remove these. The editor of the Business section hopes to use this article next week, however, given that it is an editorial i.e. it's free, it can get pushed out depending on the demand for paid advertising on these pages. Hopefully, they'll use it within the next couple of weeks. Comments please!!!! [attachmentid=82] Marilyn__s_virtual_business.rtf
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