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  1. This site is bright, energetic, and really attractive! You'll want to remove the reset button from your form. Web usability professionals will tell you that visitors are far more likely to accidentally click a reset button, than they are to really want to erase all of their input from a message form. HTH, Carol
  2. The new design and blog are stunning! What a professional image for your business. Congratulations Connie – your work is absolutely first rate! CarolK
  3. That is great news! Congrats Candy on this well-deserved honor! HTH, Carol
  4. Yes, Outlook uses a capital J in the Wingdings (or one of its variants) font face for the smiley. You will see more than a few capital Js in web pages too. Since it's fundamentally a bad idea to alter the meaning of a character via a deprecated presentational attribute, Mozilla based browsers (Firefox, Netscape, Moz, SeaMonkey) also ignore Wingdings fonts in "standards mode." A Wingdings/smiley bug was filed yesterday in Bugzilla; it should be marked as WONTFIX shortly. HTH, Carol
  5. Wow! That’s an attractive site Mary. The pages respond quickly, and the entire site looks sleek and professional. Your content is excellent. The logo link back to your home page has the wrong file extension (.html instead of .htm) and returns a 404 not found error. Give some thought to these usability issues: Disabling right click is a bad idea, period. An interesting article and discussion: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134621 Don’t rely on client side scripting to write all navigational elements without providing some sort of fallback mechanism. A single
  6. Beautiful, energetic site Naomi! I noticed that your robots meta tag gives a "NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" directive on all pages. I realize that you may not want the site indexed at this time, but thought I would mention it “just in case.” Superb work! Carol
  7. My thoughts exactly! I always look forward to seeing your designs Naomi. I’ve got a CSS snippet that will vertically center the list bullet images with the list text on Sales Breakthroughs’ home page. It’s a very minor issue with this site, but this technique might be helpful in the future. I’ll need to type up an explanation, so send me an email if you are interested. Great work! Carol
  8. Nice redesign Naomi! External CSS and not a font tag in sight (pun intended). Thanks for sharing your methodology. Carol
  9. An oldie; but a goodie: http://www.google.com/technology/pigeonrank.html Carol
  10. WOW again Naomi! The site looks rich and elegant. You are so gifted! I hope that some of the newer VA’s will use your encryption link or some other reliable method (PHP form) to hide their e-mail addresses. It is very easy to set up filters to catch spam, but it is a real hassle when a spambot scrapes your website and uses your business email address as the “from” address for hundreds of Viagra or porn spam messages. HTH, Carol
  11. Double wow Naomi! The site is outstanding on so many different levels. Brilliant work! Blockquotes and Definition Lists are structural HTML elements. Blockquotes should be used for long quotations; definition lists contain terms and their descriptions. Using structural elements to style content impedes accessibility. Assistive devices rely on these elements to facilitate navigation and comprehension; Google uses document structure to weigh text. If you’re interested in blockquotes, definition lists, or mark-up in general, here’s an excellent article by Shirley Kaiser: http://www.brai
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