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  1. Hi folks, Wow, how this site has grown! I haven't been here in a while, it's nice to be back. And Angela, thanks for the great tips! When I get my writers block (when it happens I lose my bearings) I know where to come. Thanks! Anthony
  2. I wouldn't even give such email the time of day. They're so desperate it's deplorable.
  3. Hi, I worked in telesales for telemarketing companies in London, what you should do is find out what their basic pay packet is (there are tons of such companies in the UK, easy to find out, pretend you're looking for a job), and then ask what their bonuses are (because the wages are usually very low), and then combine the two figures to bill your customer a basic rate. And if you haven't done telesales before, it would be a good idea to get a telesales job for a couple of weeks (again, VERY easy to get if you have a good voice over the phone) to get the training. Hope that helps, Anthony
  4. Hi, Matter of fact, WordPress isn't the only place that screws up MS Word text. It happens everywhere...with a lot of blog hosts/templates. Safest way to do it (in case you're not using WordPress...and if the feature suggested here isn't available), copy whatever you want to upload from MS and paste it into Notepad, and then copy off of Notepad and paste into your blog. It comes out clean. Hope that helps, Anthony
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a standard VA contract -- or a link to one -- they can share? Anthony
  6. I couldn't agree with you more. The amount of exploitation and the dictatorial attitude some of these employers have is abominable. Only India can afford to work on chicken feed like that. I am an Elance member (free), but I only snoop around for information on who's hiring for what and how low some folks will stoop to get hired. Not much else. But by snooping around, and this is uncanny, I am developing quite a remarkable hands-free service to sell to these employers. They want to spend nothing on marketing? I have just the service for them...which will cost me next to nothing...not even my time!
  7. Hi, Clearly, if all is provided for them by their MLM, his intention was to entice you in the hope that he would recruit you into the business. This is how I see it: nothing is ever lost, for every question, every eBook, any useful bit of information you pick up along the way (even if you don't get yourself involved) can be of use to you either now, or in the future. It just ads to your knowledge bank. Which I think is a good thing...for any VA. You will be amazed how many useful tips I've picked up from browsing through job listings on freelancer sites like Guru, GetAFreelancer, EUFreelance, ScriptLance and such like ... Not looking for work, particularly, but just finding out 'what people are hiring for.' Keep an open mind. You never know. Athony
  8. Yvonne, What I do like about PRWeb is it's a shortcut to a high ranking in the search engines. If you've got your keywords right (in PRWeb), you will get into the top 10, at least, via your PRWeb Press Release. Every little helps, thats what I say. Anthony
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