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  1. Thanks to all of you!! And yes, Azul means blue, like the color of the sky... See you around!!!
  2. Hello everybody!!! I'm back!! I don't know if you remember me after almost a year... I hope some of you do. I'm Vanessa from Argentina and I've recently been a mom!!!! My daughter's name is Azul and she's already 3 months, and, of course, she is beautiful!!!!! I must say I'm crazy about her, she's my first child. I BET IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL, ISN'T IT???!!! Well, after a while trying to organize my new life, I finally made it and now I'm back to the field, more enthusiastic than ever!!! I also want to tell you that together with another virtual assistant of my country we're trying to set some kind of argentinian asociation of virtual assistance, and we're going this path now. It's not easy and it's a lot of work but we're both with a plenty of ideas and I'm sure it'll work out fine. I'll keep you informed about the evolution of the project. I've also been looking at the media room and it's amazing the promotion you've achieved for the industry through VANF, so CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! It makes us all see that if you make the effort, it pays... A big hug from this new argentinian mother... VANESSA
  3. CONGRATULATIONS, LORI!!! GOOD FOR YOU! And you certainly don't have to keep it to yourself...
  4. Well, thankyou very much!!! It's really very comforting when you get to know you're doing things OK... First step done, I'm now organizing my marketing campaign. I never thought it would imply so much work, but I actually enjoy a lot doing it and the more I get into it, the more I love it. Again thanks a lot for your comments and your continuos help. Cheers!!!!
  5. Hi everybody! I finally finished my website. Well, actually our photos are still to be loaded, but that's all. As I'm in Argentina, I made it in English and Spanish. I love it, obviously, it's like my baby... but that's exactly the reason why I need objective eyes to tell me if it's ok or if there's something I've missed or something I should get out of it. Can you give me your honest opinions about it? www.vyavirtualassistance.com (sorry, but it doesn't want to allow me to insert the direct link... :-(( Thanks a lot for your help
  6. Well, Thank you all for the warm welcome!!! I can promise you'll be hearing from me, more than that... you'll ask me to STOP!!! Thanks again.
  7. Hi everybody! I've just joined and wanted to say hello from one of the most southern countries in the world. I'm about to launch my VA business, although it's not as developed here as it's in the States, but... we'll see. I'm sure it'll work. I will love to share this forum with you, since I've already seen some great opinions and debate topics. See you later!!!
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