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  1. Comeka, MS Office Live is a great free option with no ads. I created my first site with them and it is very easy to manage. I would definitely recommend them for getting started!
  2. Congratulations Beth, that is awesome! What a way to start the new year!!
  3. Hi Marie, you might want to add Yahoo, Microsoft Office Live, and Web Hero to your list as well. I've used all of them and they're very simple. I have a client that uses Go Daddy's Website Tonight and loves it, they do have a lot of great features. Hope that helps!
  4. Thanks Tawnya, too funny! Dogs are just the best, love the last line!!
  5. More kudos Gillian... Looks great, flows well, lots of white space. Congrats, excellent job!
  6. I use Carbonite and had to do a complete restore in April due to a virus. It was very simple and I had no issues, I was actually impressed with their service. Pat, after your experience with them, I'll also be getting an external hard drive!
  7. My new site is now live on the WordPress blogsite platform. Thank you Tawnya for ALL your help! I want to install a Google Analytics plugin, but there are so many to choose from. For those of you on WordPress, do you use Google Analytics and can you let me know which plugin you use? Thanks, appreciate your help!
  8. Great pictures Tawnya, thanks for sharing them! Love your expression in the car, Arnie truly captured the moment! You guys really are a good-lookin' couple. Congrats on an incredible week!!
  9. WOW.....what an incredible birthday Tawnya!! Arnie, you're AWESOME, kudos to you for planning such a special day for her! We all know she deserves it!! Can't wait to see the pics!
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