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  1. If you are a VA in Texas providing administrative services to local clients, 20% of those services are tax exempt. When I filed my first quarter taxes, I was informed by the state Comptroller's office that 20% of administrative services (data processing services) is tax exempt. Here is the link they provided me, http://tinyurl.com/cs9uvh, it's in Section 3b, last two sentences. There is not a way to automate this in QuickBooks, but here are two invoice solutions: 1) Change your tax rate to be 20% less (thanks for the tip Candy B.), or 2) Create three line items: 1) Taxable amount (80%), 2) Tax, 3) Non-taxable amount (20%). Hope this information is helpful!
  2. You're right Heather, looks like the meter is finally fixed! And we still have another month of voting, there's no doubt Tawnya will win!!
  3. Thanks Candy, this is great! It always amazes me how the members here are SO willing to give, share, and help other VAs. Your time is truly appreciated!!
  4. I just voted too and agree that the needle is stuck. With all of us voting daily, it should definitely be all the way to HOT by now.
  5. Hi Val, I would definitely be interested, so count me in. Great idea!
  6. Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciate it. I'll be downloading it today! Deborah
  7. Is anyone familiar with Quicks Books Simple Start? I don't have (or know) Quick Books, so I was considering this. It is free and limited to 20 customers, but you can upgrade to another version later. Looks like it might be a good option, especially for us who are just starting out. I would appreciate any information anyone has on this. Thanks. Deborah
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