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  1. Hello, I have just talked with a potential client who wants to utilize salesforce.com for an email marketing campaign. He is using it in conjunction with icontact - another online program that tracks the email marketing campaign, with click thru's etc. The client knows icontact, but doesn't know salesforce and before I explore learning it, I wanted to know if anyone in the forum is familiar with the program? any help would be greatly appreciated! Kim
  2. Kim L

    Feedback please

    Very comprehensive, to the point, and down to earth. would love to hear the feedback you get. Good luck Catherine! Kim
  3. I am trying to view the past seminars in the VAInsider and I'm unable to find them. I also wanted to download some of the library stuff into my ipod. can someone walk me thru this? Kim
  4. Katrina, I just googled and this was a free form offered http://www.kinseylaw.com/freestuff/EMPLOYMENT/EmpNCom.html it seems pretty broad . . . but it was free hope that helps kim
  5. Thanks Patty Met one of your colleagues at the IVAA, Ms. Beauchamp. She was really helpful and sent me some info on further reading materials. You all are so supportive. I'm honored to be a part of this group
  6. Never mind . . . once posted it comes out right when i was typing it, it showed up as text
  7. I tried to use the icons in my intro post and what happens is: I have the icons enabled on my screen -- but I've just started using the Flock browser and am wondering if that is what is interfering. Does anyone here use flock? If so, are you experiencing the same problem? thanks kim
  8. My name is Kim and I joined VANetworking about 2 weeks ago. After attending the IVAA Summit last Friday and much soul searching, I decided to move forward and purchase the VAC Deluxe. I had purchased the Virtual Assistant - The Series book about a year ago when I started becoming very dissatisfied with the corporate world. But security being what it is, I never ventured from my corporate cubicle. I moved to CO from NH in July of this year, taking my corporate job with me. I was working out of my apt. support the western region of sales reps, which involved meeting planning, large projects, submissions to hospitals for the reps -- all electronically. Then the downsizing thing took hold, and after getting my virtual office quasi set up -- they pulled the plug and terminated me. So I'm in CO, not really knowing anyone and getting back on my feet. I'm anxiously awaiting my VAC kit so that I can get my business up and running. As Yelena and Terri suggested, I joined VA Classroom and am just finishing up the Internet Marketing program. Have been absorbing the articles from this website and just started listening to Tawnya's series in the VA Insider forum . . . very cool stuff you all share. I am very excited to be here. Thanks for all the great insight! Kim
  9. Elenora, thanks for the tip on Outlook training on the Microsoft website. I've only recently started working with it and didn't realize Microsoft offered this training. Thanks for the tip. Kim L
  10. Dear MakeYouShine, My reply might be a bit long. And it might sound like an infomercial. But I prefer to think of it as a testimony. Just as a background - when I found out about this training program, I was 3 months into my layoff in a tough job market. We actually put our house up for sale because without my income, my husband wasn't making enough to pay the mortgage. So yes, I was very desperate. And for me finding this certification program was like my own little "bailout plan" As I mentioned, I got laid off with no notice and no severance pay. And I desperately wanted to work from home so I could spend more time with my toddler. That's when I thought about starting a VA business. I felt that after more than 10 years of administrative assistance and project management experience, I was good to go. Then, by accident, I heard of VAClassroom. I attended their free webinar and realized that there was a high-demand niche - Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant - that I knew very little about. I signed up for and completed the Internet Marketing VA certification in August. Since then I acquired 2 clients that keep me very busy and that draw on my Internet Marketing VA knowledge. One of the clients required a VA with a knowledge of Social Networking and the other one - knowledge of blogging and article marketing. And today I picked up another client that requires a VA with web analytics knowledge. These are just 3 niches covered in VAClassroom's course. Another thing that I really like about VAClassroom course is that once you're in, you stay involved and engaged. You are continuously learning. The individual segments (which include Competitive Research, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Article Marketing, Web Analytics, Project Management, etc) are being constantly updated and new videos and reference materials added to the content. Also, new courses are being added once every couple of months. For example, in the last few months VAClassroom added a course on Project Management and a advanced blogging course. They will soon have a advanced Social Networking VA course. VAClassroom also has a forum in which one can post any questions about any of the courses or about building VA practice. Once a month there are networking calls and also webinars on "hot topics". My original plan was to complete the certification, get a button for my website, and then cancel my membership and walk away. Well, I completed the certification and now show a button on my website. I got my first client through a referral at VAClassroom. And then I decided to stay because of networking opportunities, news and education on the latest VA trends, and knowledge that I if I need help, I can get it through the Forum or by e-mailing or even calling VAClassroom's founder, Craig Cannings. I can go on and on about this program because it's been very good to me and I've seen great results. But I also know many other successful VAs who went through this program and who have lots of great stuff to say about it. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this program. Yelena McManaman Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant
  11. Hi all, I just joined this networking group yesterday and have been spending time just exploring the sight. There is a lot of great information and everyone seems very supportive and forthright with information and support. When looking at the posts on VA training, they seemed a bit antiquated. Has anyone gone through recent certification that they would recommend. Another question I have is: Are you finding that certification is necessary immediately? I'm just curious - as several of you have indicated, experience and passion for creating your own businesses might be enough to start. thanks for any recommendations or insights you have.
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