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  1. I have been researching this computer. The features include so many things that I don't currently have available on my desktop. I could certainly expand my business with the additional features. It's a truly amazing setup. Angela Nelson
  2. Could this be what she's referring to My Real Estate Listings App? I don't have any experience with it, but it looks like it feeds listings into fb.
  3. My turn! My turn! FACEBOOK UPDATE: Starting today, Facebook will be sending out Stormtroopers to do a search for two stolen droids. To ensure they do not expose your properties, go to Settings -> Jedi Mind Tricks. Check off the box labeled "These are not the droids you are looking for." Copy this to your status and warn your friends! (It's terrible that one little post can get you so far off track, lol. Oh well, I needed a big belly laugh.)
  4. I couldn't get through the first paragraph.. By the spacing, etc. I wonder if something went screwy when uploading it?
  5. Congrats, Beth. I don't know what other VAs do, but in regards to doing data entry of business cards, I sometimes do by the piece or give them an hourly estimate (I know about how many I can do an hour so if they want by the piece I know what I need to charge by the piece to be in the range of my hourly fee. If I do by the hour, I can give them an estimate of how long it will take). As far as commission-only, I wouldn't do it and have been advised against it by other VAs. You may get put in the position where you are doing ENTIRELY too much work for very little pay. I think I read somewhere or listened to another VA say one time "if they don't want to pay you an hourly wage, they aren't ready for a VA" or something to that effect. Words to live by. Best of luck!
  6. Monique, I got this call last week (probably the same guy). I was suspicious due to no business name given and "looking for a va in the area." We are so rural, the only business within 60 miles with an 800-number is the bank. lol I googled the number first and read up and didn't call him back. From the reports, what he gave you and me is his standard script for tricking people. Everyday it's a different spammy telemarketer, through either phone or email. I've just decided to accept it as part of being a business and having my phone and email on the net.
  7. Tracey, The other Tracey is right. Like you, I had to learn the hard way (over and over). At first, I was so desperate to get going that I did things I knew weren't in MY best interest and, like you again, I was thinking I was getting all the bad apples. But, that was only because I was taking them. There are some people out there that will just push and push until you finally make them stop. At this point, it doesn't sound like it will get better unless you make it get better. If your contract doesn't state when your invoices will be paid, I'd ask politely for a new contract with those terms spelled out before resuming work (after she's paid up). Like any other business there will be people that don't want to sign a contract (that's fine), people that want you to do the work and pay you sometime in the future (that's fine) and people that are looking to take advantage of those they know they can (that's fine).......... It's only fine because they can keep on walking until they find someone else.
  8. I agree with Ruth 110% and I love Survey Monkey. I usually limit the open-ended questions to just one at the very end. Personally, if I see numerous places that I have to type something in, I'll pass. Another way to look at that is, if they are new to the VA concept having the multi-choice questions can both show you what they need and show them what you can do. Win-win!
  9. I have a client who would like me to make some calls and gather info from his clients. He's made the incredible option available to, rather than call and be writing everything down, just digitally record the calls and forward them over, then he can cruise through them, get what he needs and be done. I don't currently have a digital recorder, but have seen Pamela for Skype mentioned here. Any reviews? The price can't be beat, one time rather than recurring. TIA
  10. I received one of these last week. It was from someone promoting a "learn how to trade stocks" kit, I think. Kind of threw me off a bit, too. Not sure why they would choose to contact me through my website (or how they found me) As we aren't similar businesses and since it wasn't a product I'd stand behind, I passed.
  11. Hi Angie, uFax looks great, even with $0.10 per incoming/outgoing page. Do you know what the overage charges are if you exceed the 10 pages? I didn't see this in the product details or pricing page. Have emailed customer service, but thought you might know off the top of your head. Thanks! Denise I believe the first 10 pages are free each month, then $0.10 per page after that. There's only been one time that I've gone over, so I'm usually just paying the $5.99. Hope that helps. Angie
  12. I don't know of any that let you do both for free. Here's an article I found, Free Faxes but it looks like you have to use two different services and there are of course restrictions and advertisements on your faxes to use free. My fax volume is pretty low most months, so I've been using uFax through uReach. It's $5.99 per month and your first 10 pages are free each month. They also provide you with a tollfree fax number. Angie
  13. I didn't have to download anything to set my up and I have several that come into Outlook. (Outlook 2007) It's very easy. For Outlook 2007, just go to Tools>Options>Mail Set-up>Email Accounts. You can set them up to each go to a specific folder, like Levi said, and you can have a different signature for each one, which is great if you have more than one website or manage a client's email. This will make your life so much easier! Angie
  14. Just what I'm looking for, Candy. Thanks! AND there was a pic of a fancy shredder on the page, reminding me I to purchase a new one of those too. Guess there are some things I need after all. Who knew?
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