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  1. Hi, I'm not really new to VAnetworking but my virtual assistant business is new. My name is Jenny McKinney and I own Booksmithery by jenny, a virtual author assistant business. I plan to launch this business the first week of January. I'm looking forward to once again interacting with Tawnya and all the members of VAnetworking. Jenny
  2. Thanks, mazzavirtualassistants, I've been looking at a wifi hotspot but wasn't sure how it might work. Thanks Susanne, this is good to know. I don't have a smartphone right now but will probably get one the next time I upgrade.
  3. I travel a lot for my business so I need to use my laptop at internet hot spots or hotels. What is the best way to safely access my credit card, banking information, and other sensitive web sites during travel? Thanks so much Jenny
  4. What do you all recommend for file sharing. I've looked at dropbox but would like to know about others. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Tawnya. It seems fairly easy to use but I need to change the header and footer and the directions are very vague. Hopefully I'll be more skilled at it before I have to add and delete products. I'll check out the tutorials!
  6. I have a client that just had a shopping site built using Zen Cart. I've never worked with this cart and it is sort of intimidating. Has anyone worked with this that can offer some suggestions on working with this cart. Thanks.
  7. I have to say that I love VANetworking. Reading the posts and participating here has been a great help to me and my business. My niche is Feng Shui for small/home offices but I also write and my publisher has asked me to work on marketing so I've got yet another niche. I will probably work exclusively for this publisher since this and the FS business are so time consuming and I'm trying to be retired.
  8. Thanks Tawnya, I'll take a look at Adobe Connect. I've used GoToMeeting in the past and will look at Google Hangouts. I'm working on marketing for a publisher and just trying to come up with the best, most efficient and economical ways to do release events other than Facebook. What I learn here will also be beneficial in my FS practice.
  9. Yes, Tawnya, I will be doing webinars but I also want to do interactive book and product release events. Similar to events set up on Facebook.
  10. I would like to plan a few virtual events but don't want to use Facebook's events. Does anyone know of a way to do this?
  11. Hi fellow VAs, After a few years as a traditional VA, I decided to try a different way of virtually helping business owners to be more successful, enjoy their jobs and possibly attract more clients. I decided to look at offices with Feng Shui eyes to identify blockages to success, things that were working against fulfillment of dreams and so on and then offer solutions. I'm a certified Feng Shui consultant in both Compass and Form school and use both in my consultations. Sometimes a consultation involves simple changes such as adding a plant or a picture or a more involved solutions such as totally rearranging an office. I do consultations for home, landscape, business and offices but I specialize in small/home offices. The design of my web page will be changing in the near future but check it out anyway to see what I have to offer.
  12. I got one of these calls yesterday. When the caller said he was calling about my computer, I told him my computer was none of his business and hung up. I have to wonder how many unsuspecting people give these guys access to their computers.
  13. Tawnya, I bought some Feng Shui PLR articles from Nicole Dean and am well satisfied. I do rewrite them for my own personal touch but they are such a time saver to keep my blog active. Thanks for the heads up.
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