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  1. I voted!!!! Love your site Danielle and there's even lots of good info for an 'oldy' like me. Good Luck!
  2. Me too, Claire. I've never attended a virtual party and as you said it was a blast. I won a fantastic prize (VAClassroom's Social Media Marketing course) and have already received it! Not only does Tawnya throw a heck of a party, she gives away terrific prizes. Since this was my first year attending, I didn't realize it was BYOB and forgot my wine. Next year I will be ready though!
  3. I'm in West Virginia and was told by the state tax department that I was to add sales tax to WV customers invoices. I would check with your state and local tax departments.
  4. Hi Marie, I use the same bank for business and professional checking accounts. I suppose it might be better in some instances to use a separate bank for business and professional accounts. I live in a very small town and I know the bank and they know me so this makes much more sense for me. I tried one of the larger banks that moved to town and they thoroughly screwed up my accounts and made promises that were cancelled by the 'fine print'.
  5. Congrats Karen! You have earned the 'giddy' right. What a great feeling this must be for you to see your work in print and on Amazon. Now, a personal question.....how did you find time to write not just one but two books?
  6. There is a free copy of Snagit 7.0 available here until 5:00 pm EST today only. This isn't the latest version but it's free. http://tr.im/nycc
  7. Hi, I found this excellent article and thought I share it with you all. Solopreneur or Small Business Owner? Understand This: You Have No Competition! at http://www.minutewithmike.com. There are some interesting ideas in this article that I hadn't thought about. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Leslie, thanks for the link. I downloaded mine and hope to read them both soon.
  9. I just bought and downloaded the ebook How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business and WOW, it's chock brimming full of exciting and worthwhile information. I've already started my VA business so I skimmed the first 3 chapters but I'm reading and highlighting the remaining 16 and Appendices. This is a terrific resource for any VA whether he/she is just getting started, already has a successful practice or is somewhere in between. As Tawnya says, its almost like having a VA Coach at my fingertips.
  10. Ordered mine last evening and tickled pink to find it at such a low price. Thanks, for sharing this Candy. I've been using the free version but couldn't pass up such a bargain since there are some things the free version doesn't do.
  11. Candy, this is an awesome idea. Thanks so much. Now I'm going to think of a bunch of questions. Jenny
  12. Thanks, Michelle, this really clears up some things for me. I've tried talking to the city/county but they don't seem to have a clue. I believe I saw a there are couple of other VAs in this fourm who are in WV so maybe I'll contact them to see how they handle the tax situation. Jenny
  13. My whine and vent is trying to get a business license for my VA business and the state doesn't know whether or not I should charge sales tax. One person I spoke with said no, another said tax must be charged for persons within the state....what to do. It seems most states don't really have any firm laws about Internet businesses. I explained that I would be receiving 1099s from clients but they really didn't seem to understand that concept as it relates to providing a service within the state.
  14. I also received a book for my research library from a very satisfied client and wonder how to claim this. Biggest problem is, I don't know the value of the book since it's a published family genealogy and there's no price or publisher listed. It was probably self published by the author and I think it would be tacky to ask the price just for bookkeeping purposes.
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