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  1. Thank you BOTH! I was limiting my search to finding regulations for selling the product itself due to a previous search by a former team member. Both of these sites will provide me more than enough direction to go in. I knew I would find someone to help-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You just helped me keep my client very happy! Have a great weekend!
  2. Hello my Australian Friends! I'm not sure if anyone can help me or not, but thought that I would reach out & see I have a client who manufactures pesticides and would like to distribute the product in Australia. I have done research on www.apvma.gov.au It is a very informative website, but yet has so much info and so much go here and then here and then here....typical gov't website, uh? Does anyone know anything about your regulations or forms for pesticides in Australia? Can you give me some guidance on where to begin? I have pulled applications that need completed but from what I can tell we need to know the category of the product in order to complete the correct form. And there are so many forms. Thank you in advance!
  3. Candy, I'm just like you "old school", I'm very picky about my record keeping. For mine & my husband's business, I keep the 2nd copy of the check stub in order to attach to my invoice so I know check # & paid date in case I can't access the system fast enough if someone calls. I too, to do backups regularly, but I use Carbonite and Intuit's backup system for my QB Accts Edition Most of my clients' bills are paid online so I print the "paid" confirmation from the system and attach to my invoice copy for my records. I notify them that the invoice was paid by supplying them with check date & check # through processes that are set up. I have one client who still insists on sending me a package once a week with invoices & checks (already signed to be mailed) when things are to be paid. I match up the stubs with the invoices & send back to him (& mail the cks out for him). I guess you can consider him to be "old school" too b/c he likes his paperwork but didn't want an accountant in his office. He pays for the expense so what the customer wants, the customer gets I have set a goal for 2010 to "Simplify & Electrify" my systems & my clients' processes! I'll be happy to pass on any ideas to you. Have a great weekend! K.
  4. I have a You Tube Acct and I know that I can "save" a video as my favorite, but what if the original video is removed by the source-does it go away from my favorites collection? Also, do you know if there is a way to download the video to your computer in case the original source removes it or updates their account? Thanks for any info you can pass on! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Kris
  5. I connected with someone via a group that we were both members of. After talking via email a few times, she is NOW my client. I love working with her b/c we have similar interests since we were in a group together on LinkedIn. I also have a client in the promo industry who uses it as a research tool to prepare for meetings with prospects. He also is able to research a company in detail prior to contacting with someone just in case they are not what he considers his "ideal" customer. He has had two orders that were over $10,000 from contacts who he met on LinkedIn. I always suggest LinkedIn to people who are reaching out in a professional way. But that's b/c I use Facebook only for personal socializing. I don't believe in mixing business & pleasure so I don't "friend" anyone on FB who would considered a business contact but if I am contacted I simply state my "belief" and ask them to find me on LinkedIn. I don't live close to my family & friends so my FB page is truly about keeping in touch and sharing my life with them. Having it setup this way, allows me to goof off with my friends and not have to worry about me saying something that doesn't sound professional. LinkedIn is all about business and it keeps me in a professional state of mind when I'm responding to questions in the groups that I'm a member of. Kris S. Price KSP Accountants & Assistants www.accountantsandassistants.com
  6. Congrats Tawyna! Very good article and it's nice to learn more about our fearless "leader"
  7. Welcome Devorah! I always love when we get members from other countries b/c I see it as an opportunity to learn things about other economies. Good luck with your business!
  8. Congrats! Keep up the great work in growing your business
  9. Hi Nikki-Welcome! I'm from Houston too, you know there is also a local VA Meetup group on Meetup.com if you're interested. I tried to get involved but my schedule hasn't allowed me to make the meetings that they have had so far. Good luck w/ your business! Kris
  10. 1st- Brent-I would love to be your friend, not to pick your brain but so I could ride in your race car! I love your responses on here, you always make me laugh! #1- If I had a family/friend ask me to do work for them, I would offer my services for free IF I had time to do the project. I would not do any long term work for them-EVER, only projects. #2- I tell people that I do virtual acctg work, but if they look at me weird --- I say I manage the accounting side of my clients' businesses so they can do what they enjoy doing. Happy Sunday to all!
  11. Hello Milly, I'm sorry you're so down, starting out on your own is very hard and can be really stressful. I have been in business for almost 3 years now and there are times that I get down (even w/ clients) b/c I want more. Back in April I took my business in a different direction and have never finished my website (i deactivated my old one b/c it was truly a completely different business that I began). So everyday I beat myself up about that new website <img src="http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="blink.gif" /> I will finish it!!!!! It's impossible to compete with other countries who bid on jobs at those rates, that's why I do not use Guru or Elance. If I were you, I would focus on sub-contract work with multi-va businesses. This will help establish you in the industry and will help you network with others that have the same struggles that you have. I'm not sure what kind of mailings that you're sending out but I don't market locally and I don't have advertise on Craig's List. If you want to be virtual, then local advertising is not always where you should focus. I get RFP's from the forum and I check out the IVAA ones also. Don't get too down b/c then you are "breeding" the negativity into your business. You have to stay upbeat and positive. Read some books are marketing and growing your business, even if they are about HUGE businesses have success.....it gets you pumped up and keeps you focused. When I get down, I read books written by people like Brian Tracy (a great motivator), Susan Wilson Solovic, Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin. Just log on to Amazon and reads some of the book reviews on some of these writers and go w/ what drives you internally. When I get bummed or feel that I need boosted, I turn to one by SWS which is The Girls' Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business. It always gets me back on track. I have so many little sticky notes and highlights in that book and I've only had it for about a year and half. Find something that motivates you, whether it's reading success stories online or writing to all of us on the forum....the key is to stay focused and find something that works for marketing your business. I'm not a marketing person so I can't give you any suggestions like some of the great marketing minds on here will be able to do. I'm just trying to help you snap out of little rut that you have gotten yourself into. Please don't fall into it-it wil gobble you up faster than you can imagine. Hang in there! YOU CAN DO IT, YOU WILL DO IT! Stay positive and stay focused! Good Luck! Please keep in touch with us, things will be improving in no time so let us know how it's going. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbup.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="thumbup.gif" /> Kris
  12. They are the sister company of a business that had a bad rep in the "work at home" industry a few years back. Has that changed?
  13. You'll love it here! Everyone helps & my favorite part....they don't hold back, if you ask for an opinion you will receive an honest opinion from all. Good luck & Welcome!
  14. Hi Sussa, That sounds so exciting!!!! Intuit (QuickBooks) has a great POS accounting software. I've trained on it but have never used it with a client. I'm a QB Certified ProAdvisor, I haven't taken my certification in the POS software b/c I don't have any clients who would use it. Currently it's not a priority on my certs, but it will be. Here's a link for some more info on it, if you need any help or more info I can hook you up with my Intuit Rep-I love her, she's very informed and always helpful http://proadvisor.intuit.com/product/more-...int-of-sale.jsp If you have problems with the link, let me know. That is so exciting for you, I love new clients that need new things-it's my favorite part of what I do for my clients. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to help you out -no cost to you....I would get to learn about another country's economy & accounting processes...seriously I would love to consult with you on it, FREE of charge. I also have recently done some research on shopping carts & programs to integrate smoothly with QB for inventory tracking from ecommerce, so I do understand what your needs are for inventory control. Hope to hear from you! Have a great week! K.
  15. As a business owner (with no subs) and as a Sub, I love praise and absolutely live for it. Whenever I get praise, I want to wave the "flag" from the highest mountain. But with that being said, if my client said that she didn't want me to post HER (that's the key here) client's comments on my site then I would completely respect her wishes (she is my client and I would not want to lose her business).....but I would sure hope that she would give me her own testamonial for my site b/c I'm good at what I do Happy Friday to all! I love our forum, we have good convos!
  16. Collections agencies typically buy the debt for pennies on the dollar and then collect the money themselves charging the person who owes you the money add'l fees for the account being in collections. In other words, if someone owes you $500 then you will sell that debt along with the paperwork that proves they owe the debt (contract, agreement, notices that you sent when they agree w/ you that the money is owed, etc.) for let's say .50 on the dollar, so you would get $250. They would then collect the $500+ and you are out of the loop and get nothing more. In the State of TX you can file a lien against someone who owes you money at the county clerk's office. I'm not sure if that includes all commercial debt, but the filing fee is small (I think it's only $25 -may be less-haven't done it in a long time) It places a blackmark on their business and their business credit history and you only have to do one thing. Then you can keep harrassing them to collect the debt after they see that you placed the lien. They will receive notice by being served by a Harris County (or Fort Bend) sheriff. This has always worked when I had to do it in the past and they typically pay immediately. If they don't you can request that items be taken from their business to pay the debt. I have seen this done. Again, it would depend on what type of business they have (corp or sole prop) and would depend on the amount of the debt and what kind of debt it is. If they are not in TX, then it would depend on what state your contract with them was drawn on. I personally would never use a collection agency. I do collections for my clients (& for myself if needed) but I don't buy their debt, I collect it on behalf of them. Collection agencies are for people who are willing to throw in the towel and get a partial part of what is owed to them. Granted it may be worth your time & effort to collect some instead of working to get all. Of course, all of this matters only if you did your due diligence before hand and have a signed contract and can prove they owe you the money. Lots of items can come into play....not sure what they owe you for and how much the debt is and what state your contract is from. If it's a huge amount of money then you may want to ask the attorney who did your contract. Hope that helps! Good luck! K.
  17. OS is windows XP and I was thinking of getting the WS 2008. From what I read, I just buy and install and then we purchase more CAL's if needed as it grows. Is it really that simple? I keep thinking that I'm missing something in my research, that is has to cost more or be more of an issue or everyone would be doing it??? Thanks for the advice, Tom. I did read better reviews on 2008 than 2003. Linda-Windows Terminal Services is a Microsoft Server package that you can buy to work remotely. Some software, such as what I'm setting up for this customer do not work efficiently with remote programs like "logmein" or "webex" so we're purchasing a server to install the programs on so that all of our locations (VA's) can work with the customer's software.
  18. At this time, I'm just looking for someone to "explain" to me how it works so that I know I'm understanding it the way that it actually reads. Not looking for someone to do it, b/c from what I read, it can be done by me....it's an easy hook-up from what I have found....just want to confirm that I can do it....I'm sick of reading Microsoft websites
  19. Has anyone ever worked with Windows Terminal Services? If so, how did you set it up? Did you do it or did you hire someone to do it? I would rather work with a VA (or individual) who has the knowledge of it than a big IT company who won't be available if any issues arise. I need to set one up for a client who is going to be using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, along with a warehouse module. I've set up the systems that we are using but have never done it virtually-always for a "brick & mortar" business Any advice would be much appreciated. Have a great weekend!.....(just a couple more days Kris
  20. Karma without a doubt! "what comes around goes around" She may not feel the impact now and you may not be able to do anything to her legally, but somewhere down the road in her business career....it will "BANG" hit her in the head that what just happened was b/c she burned you. Something to think about....can you find out if she approached the client or if they approached her? Not that it matters ethically (she was still wrong no matter who started it), but it may matter in a lawsuit. I trust that my clients are happy but I know one in particular is so "tight" on his money that I could see him approacing a sub and asking her to work for him directly. That may change the outcome of a lawsuit (I don't know laws), but since the client made that comment to you when you questioned them it would seem that they initiated the whole thing. And maybe that changes the non-compete. There are many good, ethical, VA's out there and it sounds like you know that...it's a shame that this happened...no one deserves this when they have put blood, sweat & tears into their business. Good luck-I'd be interested in what an attorney says.....can you let us know what happens? What State are you in? Every state is different on non-compete.....please let us know. Have a great weekend! K.
  21. Tracy, I checked out your emergency plan on your site. Very smart plan, I haven't seen anyone else offer that. I think I'll set up something like that for my contracted clients. I wouldn't be interersted in offering it to anyone who I didn't work with on an ongoing basis. But it's a great "extra" for my contracted clients. I, unfortunately, had to go through this exact issue last year during Hurricane Ike. Fortunately for my business, Ike decided to come in at the beginning of the weekend, so I took all day Thurs & Fri notifying my clients that I could possibly be unreachable the following week. I prepared them to handle certain things that I did on their behalf so they could take care of it while I was "out of pocket". I supplied them w/ a back up # & email for another VA who knows the industry also (franchise org. in the promo business). I was able to answer the phone b/c I hooked up a land line (cordless phones don't work when the power's out) and put a message on my phone that I had no power but could check messages and return their call ASAP. I, also had a cell phone that I could get my emails on and respond. By Tues. when things weren't looking good for power coming on soon, my husband hooked up our generator through the battery backup and surge protectors and I was able to work between 10-3 every day. My clients (most of who are not even in the State of TX) were so happy and all of them felt that I went way above and beyond the call of duty. We were without power for 9 days and they were all very patient and understanding about my shorter hours during those days. I keep a contact list (names, emails, ph#'s, etc) of all of my active clients so that just in case something would happen to me, my husband knows who to contact and how to reach them. My sister keeps a copy in case something would happen to my husband & I together. I think it's very important to plan for emergencies, it's just smart business sense. I never thought about who would help my clients during a transistion of me not being there for them b/c of something bad. I need to think about that, how would they get the files that I work on for them? how would they get a final update on projects that I may be in the middle of? hhhhhmmmm, now you really got me thinking. I have some planning to do. Thanks for getting the wheels turning! K.
  22. After reading everyone's responses, I don't feel so guilty taking some time to myself during "office hours". In fact, I rebooted myself over the weekend and decided that I would not feel guilty b/c I work most weekends and most evenings so I'm going to enjoy my time off when I do take it instead of feeling bad about it. Thanks for all of the advice! Have a great week everyone! K.
  23. I really like the input so far. Distractions are not my problem as much as my mind-set is...I just STILL after 2 1/2 years have it in my mind that I HAVE to work between 8-5 and if I'm not sitting at my desk (whether I have something to work on that very minute or not) that I am NOT working. I usually do work in the evenings after dinner -on my laptop but usually it's on stuff like business dev/marketing/acctg for our businesses- my hubby & I both have one. I guess I need to quit beating myself up if I'm not working the entire day. I just think that if I take time off during the day (M-F) then I'm taking "vacation time" and how can I do that when there is work to be done. Thanks for the responses, I look forward to more. OOPS-MESSAGE WENT THRU TWICE-HAVING INTERNET PROBS TODAY
  24. I really like the input so far. Distractions are not my problem as much as my mind-set is...I just STILL after 2 1/2 years have it in my mind that I HAVE to work between 8-5 and if I'm not sitting at my desk (whether I have something to work on that very minute or not) that I am NOT working. I usually do work in the evenings after dinner -on my laptop but usually it's on my business stuff, business dev/marketing/acctg for our businesses-my hubby & I both have businesses. I always feel that if I take a day off(or time off during the day) then it's a "vacation day" and there's no time for that when work needs done. I need to quit beating myself up about time off, uh?
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