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  1. Candy, I'm just like you "old school", I'm very picky about my record keeping. For mine & my husband's business, I keep the 2nd copy of the check stub in order to attach to my invoice so I know check # & paid date in case I can't access the system fast enough if someone calls. I too, to do backups regularly, but I use Carbonite and Intuit's backup system for my QB Accts Edition Most of my clients' bills are paid online so I print the "paid" confirmation from the system and attach to my invoice copy for my records. I notify them that the invoice was paid by supplying them with check date & check # through processes that are set up. I have one client who still insists on sending me a package once a week with invoices & checks (already signed to be mailed) when things are to be paid. I match up the stubs with the invoices & send back to him (& mail the cks out for him). I guess you can consider him to be "old school" too b/c he likes his paperwork but didn't want an accountant in his office. He pays for the expense so what the customer wants, the customer gets I have set a goal for 2010 to "Simplify & Electrify" my systems & my clients' processes! I'll be happy to pass on any ideas to you. Have a great weekend! K.
  2. I feel your pain, been there done that (before-not this time)....TG! But I can only imagine and thought it would help if someone listened to you "scream". Good luck! Kris
  3. You can track sales reps on QB Online, I do it for 2 of my clients. You do with the "class tracking" feature. Each rep is their own class.
  4. Thank you to all-everyone had great suggestions. Earlier in the week I did quit answering the phone when he would call, but mainly b/c my other clients had picked up on their work flow. I have a client who's year is ending in June so I'm swamped w/ them. I told my client that I would only be available Tue-Thur. He asked for some other work to be done (outside of what I was doing for him) and I told him it would be at an hourly rate and he said "forget it-I'll do it myself" He's just TIGHT! But you all bring up great points. These clients were mine from my previous VA business that I owned and when my partner and I split, I didn't rework anyone's contracts even though I changed their pay structure. BAD ME! I guess I have some work to get to! Thanks again! Have a great weekend. KSP
  5. Hello All! I'm sure some of you have had this issue so I was hoping to get some tips on how to handle. This client has been with for almost 2 years now, I use to bill by the hour and I have changed the direction of my business in the last 2 months and focus mainly on program business & accounting work now. He is different, I do order entry for him and follow up on orders. He has never done more than $300 a month with me (in 2 years) so when I changed my processes, I changed him to a flat rate of $300 a month. NOW he calls me all the time, every day, and sends me tiny little orders that take me a ton of time and I'm constantly cleaning up messes that he created. UGH! I want to address the issue of what his flat monthly rate gets him (which I thought we were on the same page-obviously NOT) But I just don't know what to say to him or how to say it??? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much to all! KSP
  6. Hello fellow Houstonian! I have clients who I do accounting work for who are out of town also. Any records that have been sent to me and that need to be kept at the clients office are sent back to them on a qrtly basis. Most of the records they send me, I have taught them how to block out confidential details and email them to me. I print, post and shred client keeps the backup and I don't have to worry about the paperwork piling up in my house. Hope that helps! KSP
  7. I'll search my QB certification stuff & see if I can find an answer for you. Most of my customers use QB Online and I have the 2009 QB desktop version so it's been a long, long time since I was in 2007....but it should be the same behind the scenes. I'll let you know.
  8. There is also an "activity log" in the online version (if you use that), which will show you who did what and what the behind the scenes journal entry was created for the transaction that was done. Hope that helps!
  9. I would love to talk with you in more detail about this opportunity. My company currently specializes in the promo industry (assistance) but I do alot of payroll & accounting support for most of our clients. I'm always looking for more consistent work to come in. And I would love to work with another VA to learn more about the industry. I have 18 years experience in accounting and work with clients in many different states. I wouldn't be able to give you a quote without knowing some more things about your client (how many employees, contractors? what state they are in? how often they want to do payroll?). Please feel free to email me, kris.stanley@vpibinc.com or call me at 281-469-2063. Hope to hear from you! Kris
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