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  1. I am in the process of re-creating a fairly large HTML webpage into a Wordpress Thesis theme... I suddenly realized that lots of pages are linking to individual pages on the HTML site. How do I redirect each HTML page to the new Wordpress pages?? Thanks, Kim
  2. Ok, I am getting ready to convert a HUGE HTML website to a wordpress theme (either studiopress or thesis). Normally, I would create a directly within the website to put the new website so a client could see the progress without the actual website being disturbed (www.mysite.com/2010website). Will this work the same way with Wordpress?? Thanks, Kim
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses!! @Tawnya Your test site looks great ... I do agree that Wordpress does have a learning curve. I have been learning HTML for over 10 years and now I have to totally rethink my processes @Melodee This is a perfect example ... very simple, clean and easily able to add a blog feature later... Kim
  4. JudyAnn, This is exactly what I was looking for - an example of a website that uses a blog-type theme but still functions as a website ... thanks!! I think I am going to purchase the theme ... I am pleased with their pricing. Kim
  5. Sorry to hear of your loss.. hang in there and we will be here if you need an ear!! Kim
  6. Makes perfect sense. Thanks Crystal!!! Kim
  7. I have a client who has just agreed with me to stop printing and mailing a quarterly newsletter (only took two years of convincing...hehe). The decision now is whether to create a blog or eNewsletter (mailchimp). The only problem I have with the blog is that content will not be added but once every couple of month's but it will be search engine friendly content. An eNewsletter only benefits those that subscribe to it ... ??? There is not enough staff to provide content for both ... and the organization is run by all volunteers so there is no money to hire someone and I am not a medical writer. SO Blog or eNewsletter?? Thanks, Kim
  8. Very Dianna!!! Very pleasing to the eye and lots of content to explore. Kim
  9. I have a question about the Thesis Theme and since I cannot access their forums until after I purchase the theme or cannot find an email for the developer, I have to once again turn to you guys... I want to convert a clients html site to wordpress and I am done w/trying to work with themes that come with no support. Thesis seems like a very user-friendly theme. Anyways...there is no immediate plans to write blog articles, so does anyone have an example of a Thesis theme being used strictly as an information website? I don't see any on the Thesis example page. New to Wordpress and still trying to figure it all out Thanks, Kim
  10. Good point ... I guess if it doesn't work, I can always revert back ... better block a few hours for this :) Thanks, Kim
  11. Is there a way to maintain two versions of Word on my computer?? I am still using Word 2000 and want to upgrade to Word and Excel 2007; however, I am still using Act2000 and I am not ready to upgrade that. I merge Fax cover sheets with ACT2000 and Word 2000. ACT2000 will not work with Work 2007. So how can I install Word 2007 without it overwriting Word 200 so I can maintain both on my computer?? Thanks, Kim
  12. The first thing that jumps out at me when I visit your website is "brand identity". Consider creating a logo or hiring someone to create a logo for you. There are a couple of VAs that offer this service. I use a program called Logo Creator. It will help to give your business an identity and make your website pop a little at first sight. Also if you are on twitter or facebook, you can add images for those w/ links, etc., etc. Good luck to you!!! Kim
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