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  1. Do we need them - probably NOT. I still staple them to the invoice but I have never had to go back and look something up that I couldn't just look up in Quickbooks. Will I stop saving them - probably NOT... still have some insecurely issues :) Kim
  2. GREAT!!! My only suggestion would be to change "virtual assistance" to "virtual assistance" in the two spots of the first paragraph... just keeping with the industry term of "virtual assistant". Kim
  3. Great content.... it really says something about you, your business, etc... Kim
  4. GREAT job!! I love the look, feel and colors of your site too... I agree with Tawnya on the headline... how about: Virtual Assistant Emerges to Assist Your Business with its Administrative Needs Good luck to you!! Kim
  5. Everyone's points are on point :) I would just send him a letter/email stating that when you switched him to the flat rate of $300/per month it was based on the amount of work (x hours) that you have consistently been completing for him for the past 2 years. Give him some options.... Stay at $300/month 10 hours, $400/month 15 hours and come up with a retainer structure for future clients. You get the point!! GOOD LUCK!! Kim
  6. 10 Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur http://tinyurl.com/cmudmx There is some useful tips here for you or your clients!!! Kim
  7. I am in Philly and in the process of getting my business back together after taking some time off to obtain my MS. Was obtaining your Business Privilege License from the City smooth sailing?? I hate dealing with the Department of L & I Kim A2 Office Solutions
  8. Congrats!! Sorry I missed the show...hope you can post it somewhere. I am familiar with him and the station...living in Philly.... Kim
  9. You have to research your individual county to find out about licensing. For example, in Philadelphia, you need a business license regardless of what type of business you are operating. There is a one-time fee of $300. A business license is a business license regardless of what type of business it is.
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