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  1. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome Angela, Hope all is well and I know you will find a wealth of information on this forum. jana
  2. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Finding just the right colors

    thanks Patty. Jana
  3. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    First Press Release

    I like it, Mollie. Congratulations!!!!
  4. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    My Web site is up! Opinions, please!

    Wow Marie, You have a very good start. I love everything about your site. I especially enjoy the clocks picture, it gets the point across. Very good. Jana
  5. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    I Have A Client!

    YEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Beth! good job!! Jana
  6. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    10 Questions that Make Networking Easy

    Great advice, Denise. I am not the most outgoing person. (Although many are surprised to know that it takes a lot to meet and greet people.) So your ideas are truly noteworthy. Jana
  7. Gillian, Your website looks so good. I am very impressed and extremely happy for you. YOU ROCK!!!!! Jana
  8. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Resumes, Back-Up and Name/Tagline

    Hi Carly, Not in order, but one thing I appreciate is a back-up system like Carbonite. It works like a charm and the cost is reasonable for a year. Also, get in the habit of using back-up recovery disk every day. In this way, if the unthinkable happens (insert prayer here!!!), you can pick up where you left off. Debbie's idea is very good, you need a back-up spot. I have done resume's and at this time I am not certified, but I am working on it. No one has asked me for certification as of yet. And lastly, I love the tagline: "E-Navigation: Where Can We Take Your Business Today?" Jana
  9. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    I redid my website and added a blog

    Very nice website, Janet. Isn't wonderful when you learn something on your own and it really start to click? Jana
  10. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Need Feedback on an Idea

    Love the idea, Carly. I would definitely subscribe. Jana
  11. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Website FINALLY online!!

    Fantastic Kim, The website looks great!!!! Jana
  12. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Just Got My Social Media Marketing Specialist

    Congratulations Heather!! Jana
  13. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Hello, Iam a Newbie Here

    Welcome to both Patricia and Sandra, This forum is great and you will find that everyone is very helpful. Enjoy!!! Jana
  14. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    Printed Marketing Kit

    Hi Kim, I use a media kit with an introduction letter, brochure, business card, press release statement, rate & payment information, etc. I like the media kit, it came in handy a few times. Two business owners I had met asked me what I did for a living, I gave them the VA synopsis and handed them a kit. I can't rely on just my website. Jana
  15. jkr.vsolutions@ymail.com

    I finally made it!!!

    YEAH Jenny, Congratulations!!!!!! Jana

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