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  1. Welcome Angela, Hope all is well and I know you will find a wealth of information on this forum. jana
  2. Wow Marie, You have a very good start. I love everything about your site. I especially enjoy the clocks picture, it gets the point across. Very good. Jana
  3. YEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Beth! good job!! Jana
  4. Great advice, Denise. I am not the most outgoing person. (Although many are surprised to know that it takes a lot to meet and greet people.) So your ideas are truly noteworthy. Jana
  5. Gillian, Your website looks so good. I am very impressed and extremely happy for you. YOU ROCK!!!!! Jana
  6. Hi Carly, Not in order, but one thing I appreciate is a back-up system like Carbonite. It works like a charm and the cost is reasonable for a year. Also, get in the habit of using back-up recovery disk every day. In this way, if the unthinkable happens (insert prayer here!!!), you can pick up where you left off. Debbie's idea is very good, you need a back-up spot. I have done resume's and at this time I am not certified, but I am working on it. No one has asked me for certification as of yet. And lastly, I love the tagline: "E-Navigation: Where Can We Take Your Business Today?" Jana
  7. Very nice website, Janet. Isn't wonderful when you learn something on your own and it really start to click? Jana
  8. Love the idea, Carly. I would definitely subscribe. Jana
  9. Welcome to both Patricia and Sandra, This forum is great and you will find that everyone is very helpful. Enjoy!!! Jana
  10. Hi Kim, I use a media kit with an introduction letter, brochure, business card, press release statement, rate & payment information, etc. I like the media kit, it came in handy a few times. Two business owners I had met asked me what I did for a living, I gave them the VA synopsis and handed them a kit. I can't rely on just my website. Jana
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