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  1. I ordered some cards about a month ago and shortly thereafter started receiving a golf magazine. I did not put two and two together until I saw this. And Patty, I did see that computer. Sweet!
  2. I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter and found that a majority of the homeless moms and kids there were victims of domestic abuse. They had nowhere else to go but a shelter. But at least they found a safe haven. Thanks so much for the information.
  3. Thank you for being so willing to share your knowledge.
  4. This piece was on the Columbus, OH local news last night. The industry is becoming well-known and I think Tiffany (the VA featured in this piece) did a fantastic job educating the public on what we do. http://www.10tv.com/live/content/local/sto...ts.html?sid=102 Regina
  5. Perfect timing as I am shopping for a new desktop system. Thanks so much! Regina
  6. Congratulations and continued success in 2009! Regina
  7. Wonderful exposure, Kathy! I have been seeing more VAs in the media lately due to everyone's hard work to educate the public on what we do. Regina
  8. I noticed it earlier and voted right away. Tawnya, you absolutely deserve the recognition. Regina
  9. Thanks so much for the information. PR is my main TO DO item this week and this is very helpful. Regina
  10. Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful work you do! Regina
  11. This forum has been a huge help in building my business. Thank you, Tawyna, and to all the members for making this forum a success. Regina
  12. Awesome! I will be contacting you regarding the course. Regina Brown's Professional Services
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