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  1. Naomi ~ Beautiful job on that website It's very warm and friendly...but at the same time, professional and informative! Good Job hun!
  2. I enjoyed it...and agree with Naomi about the spacing. I subscribed
  3. 1. How many of you simply dislike numbers? I don't dislike numbers. My checkbook is balanced to the penny each month and I have done bookkeeping (both manual and computerized) at previous jobs 2. How many of you wish you be able to outsource your own bookkeeping so you can dedicate more time to your projects? I actually prefer to do my own bookkeeping... My situation is unique as I don't need to send any invoices to my one client...only monthly for expense reimbursement, so my books are pretty light..10 mins. I'm done 3. If you were to find a reliable source for the right price, would you consider it? (See #2) and I am not sure due to all the personal information. 4. How much would you be willing to pay (you can be as realistic and honest as possible)? If I had enough business to warrant someone else to do my books I would be willing to pay a fair price, but I'm not sure that I would want to outsource that personal information. 5. What stops you from outsourcing your own books (besides money), when you just don't like to deal with numbers or just don't want to deal with that side of your business? Not enough business to justify the expense and the personal information issues Kathleen Chicago, IL
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