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  1. Julie, I agree with Kathy - 1 profile is the best way to go. What you said is right it allows you to put some personality into your account - mixing personal and business. Easier to manage is a huge factor as well. Now you need to get out there and find you target market on Twitter - don't wait for them to find you. Dawn
  2. True in order to suggest to her friends you have to be logged in as her. When I first started all you had to have was a maiden name or birthday - now facebook is getting so difficult. I actually had a client get locked out of her own account cause she couldn't name people. Crazyness I would maybe get on a call with client and do a screen share or something. Seems like a pain but if you are going to be doing other work in Facebook in the future it might be worth the few minutes now.
  3. Welcome to VA Networking. The risk of failure is the only way to move forward and reach beyond your current status. It sounds like you have many quality skills to offer, now you need to decide what you Love to do and go with that! Good luck to you! Dawn
  4. That is a very good question and while I don't have a definite answer. I use Hootsuite to track Fan Page Conversations and sometimes post responses from there - so not sure if that might be a work around for you?
  5. That is so great Amanada. I had a similar thing happen a volunteer for a local animal shelter contact me to do some work just because I talk about my animals (and I'm local). But he found me on twitter and just started following my tweets. Also goes to say be your best self in the social networks - you never know who is watching.
  6. I have a client that uses 1 shopping cart and recently she changed her logo and layout of her thank you page the people receive when the sign up for her list. We updated the default Thank you page link in 1 shopping cart and I even tried to setup a custom template and all we keep seeing is her original thank you page??? Any suggestions
  7. Welcome Danielle, I started out my entrepreneur life learning from my mother as well and it was a great experience. Looking forward to seeing your around the network. Dawn
  8. Welcome to the network! Looks like you offer a great service for those wishing to travel to China.
  9. I will most likely stay with Hootsuite and find other ways to handle my RSS Feeds and then you can use it for only 4.99 per month and have unlimited sm accounts, although I do have to find out about the admin part. I used seesmic before hootsuite and its just not as good. I will be looking for other options, but will most likely end up paying the fee. Will stay on top of this topic though to see if any better suggestions come across. I have used tweetdeck as well and it crashed my computer every time so I really don't care to go back to that headache, even though I am on a different computer now Kathy - I know you mentioned you were testing the paid version of SocialOomph how would that compare to Hootsuite - I believe it costs more per month, right? Does it have the functionality needed?
  10. Hi Janet, Welcome to the network here, I have been a member for awhile but just getting back in and participating again. I am a Twilight Fan - although we have had too much going on that I haven't seen Eclipse so looking forward to going soon. My husband actually turned me on to Twilight when he brought the movie home then I was addicted and went on to read the books. See you around the network, Dawn
  11. Hi Cheryl, Good luck with the restart. With a full-time job and running two businesses - don't forget to take time for yourself too. Dawn
  12. Phew - yes small steps one at a time and you will reach your goal
  13. Welcome to the network, sounds like you are off to a great start. Good luck with the move.
  14. I forward my skype number to my cell phone, but I don't know of a way to turn it on and off at certains times of the day. You may have to manually turn it on and off.
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