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  1. Hi Tresa ... I couldn't help but want to respond to your post. I can understand ... having someone who can help you hands-on is the way I learn best too! I personally mentor and train Virtual Assistants of all levels. I'd love to learn more about you and see if there may be a potential fit for you and I to work together. If you like, please sign up for one of my free Kick Butt mentoring sessions at www.KickButtSessionWithCindy.com and we can schedule a time to connect via phone. Please note the form has not been updated to reflect the new year ... that's in the works! However, it's a great way for me to learn a little bit more about you before we officially connect. I hope this helps. Thanks Cindy Cindy Greenway Author of Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistants to Find (and Keep) Clients Virtual Assistant Mentor & Trainer www.VirtuallySuccessful.com www.HotSkillsVATraining.com
  2. I use eWallet and I LOVE it! http://www.iliumsoft.com/ewallet Thanks! Cindy Greenway
  3. My strength is to help with strategy. I look hearing what someone's goals are then strategizing on how to get there and accomplish those goals. Just my 2 cents! Cindy Greenway
  4. Hey Jenna ... I agree with the girls who have already commented. If you're learning something that is specific to a particular client, I'd charge for your time to learn the program. You can come up with an agreement with them where they will pay for up to so much time for you to learn, read, review tutorials etc. Then as you implement and learn how it works that's part of the actual time for the project. I hope that helps! Thanks Cindy Greenway
  5. Emily, how about specifics ways business owners can have a VA help them boost business? Or examples of success/results business owners can experience by having a VA help them? Hope this helps! Cindy Greenway HotSkillsVATraining.com
  6. Welcome Mary to VANetworking and also to the Virtual Assistant industry! How exciting that you are joining us from Nigeria! So great. My goal is to better participate in the vanetworking.com forum. Tawnya has a tremendous group here and fantastic information is being shared. All the best as you build your business! Thanks Cindy Greenway www.HotSkillsVATraining.com
  7. Diana ... Patty's advice below is awesome. The suggestions you provided to your client were great. If your client is looking to actively build her business, then this kind of automation is essential. The programs that would completely automate this are not expensive. aWeber.com is something like $20/month. MailChimp is inexpensive. There are some that are even free up until so many subscribers. I would challenge your client --- is $20/month not worth the time that she would put in to do this manually? Good luck! Cindy Greenway www.HotSkillsVATraining.com
  8. Hey Susanne .. Audio Acrobat is a great resource (www.AudioAcrobat.com) to record audio. You can dial into Audio Acrobat or 3-way it in if you use a bridge line service. Audio Acrobat is also very affordable - I believe free for 30 days and then only $19.95/month for unlimited recordings. You can also upload and record videos. I hope this helps! Cindy Greenway www.HotSkillsVATraining.com
  9. I hadn't seen that video before ... so great! Thanks for sharing ... I'm on blackberry but thinking on moving to iPhone. Love how they included both in this. Cindy Greenway
  10. Wow Dana .. that's a lot to deal with around you! I felt compelled to write - first to send you a virtual hug and secondly to relate to what you're going through. For me it's been the number of deaths around me - a Grandmother, Uncle, two close family friends and a Grandfather - all within the last 5 months. I'm not used to this kind of sadness around me -- but guess that's what happen when we get older (gasp!) I cheers to those happy beginnings ... and give hugs to the other more difficult endings -- they're tough! Thanks for sharing. Cindy
  11. Hello everyone ... I know I'm joining the conversation here VERY late but I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your interest in both the Virtually Successful and Becoming an Online Business Manager books! I hope you enjoyed the content. Cindy
  12. Hello everyone ... just wanted to share details about the "VScoop" as we affectionately call it. Virtually Successful distributes the VScoop every 2 weeks (or so!) and it includes a resource for Virtual Assistants to use in their business, information about up and coming events in our industry and much more. Some of the resources that have been included in previous issues include: - How to Effectively Communicate With Your Client - 10 Reasons You're Not Being Hired - 10 Essentials to Remember When Responding to RFPs .. and many more. Sign up at My link Cindy Greenway
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