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  1. I like the 1st one much better. The 2nd starts with bad news and haven't we had enough of that - i didn't want to read the whole thing. The 1st starts out with you as a solution. Good luck!!!
  2. Thanks for the info Caroyn...much appreciated
  3. Congrats!! Continue doing what you're doing - it's working.....
  4. Thanks Judy - i've worked with Top Producer quite a bit - since their last upgrade i've been looking for some other options.
  5. I have been working in the Transaction Management area with agents for 4 years. I want to be able to offer my clients more assistance and also market myself as a VA to others which is why i'm working on my VA website/business. Couple of questions - 1. I have been a 1099 paid consultant for the past 4 years - is it necessary to change that status and establish either a sole prop. or corp? 2. There are so many other areas of the RE business to help an agent with but because of my previous exp. and lack of high tech savvy i am thinking of creating my niche in Database management/e-marketing, drip campaign etc. I have exp with Constant Contact and find it user friendly but does anyone have a better Real Estate specific e-marketing program that they like better? Thanks in advacne for any assistance. Patty
  6. Thanks Patty - i did download it and have been reading all thru it. I do feel like i can spend days here.
  7. Thanks for all the welcomes.....it's great to be "in the boat" with so many who have so much to share.
  8. Greetings from sunny, warm Florida - I've been sort of a VA for awhile in the real estate industry but working with local clients. Just getting ready to expand and enter the world of the internet VA. Lots to learn in that arena - i'll be crusing thru this site alot!!! patty
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