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  1. Thank you all for the welcome! I have already downloaded the Kickstart Package and have read through it. I hope to be able to contribute more to the network as time permits. I'm pretty excited as I just received my very first job through a networking luncheon I attended locally yesterday! As I go forward, I'll be looking for lots more information and suggestions on how to make my business grow. I do have a question regarding accepting credit card payments. What are the best programs to use with minimal costs involved? My counselor told me about Intuit Quickbooks (I think that's the name). I understand I can do it online for a small maintenance fee plus the % cost of card swipes. Is there any other programs available for this purpose? Kathy Knowles www.adminathomeinc.com
  2. Hello fellow VA Networking members, I just joined the VANetworking site yesterday and have now been a member for almost 24 hours! :-) My name is Kathy Knowles and I just started my own business called Admin@Home, Inc. My website is www.adminathomeinc.com. My immediate goal is to get some actual business. My long range goal is to be able to hire other administrators to work for me nationally. I've already had a couple inquiries about that, but since I just started my business, I'm not in a position to hire anyone at this time. A little about me: I am an experienced Executive Administrative Assistant, based in South Carolina with over 20 years of broad experience in office administration, project coordination, and administrative management. I bring expertise in MS Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel software, writing, editing, proofreading, presentations, and event planning. I also do a bunch of other stuff too. I just started my "virtual" business at the end of December as a result of being laid off from my full time job. I've had this idea on the back burner for some time now, but felt compelled to finally act on it when I found out I am being laid off. Now, I'm working with a SCORE Counselor to help me write a good business plan. I'm stumped. I'm hoping to find some help from all of you to help me out with this one aspect as well as to learn more about this industry and what makes it work and meeting new people. Both my business and I are located in Conway, South Carolina.I will be joining the local Chamber of Commerce for further networking opportunities. I am targeting small businesses and entrepreneurs for the most part, but I'm open to all other opportunities once the business starts growing. When I'm not working.....well, ok, I am always working as, not only do I currently work full time outside the home (at least until the company closes the doors here in Myrtle Beach), I'm also an Avon Representative and I work part-time evenings as a server at the local Bob Evans restaurant. In my spare time, I serve as Secretary on my homeowner association's Board of Directors, and assist my hubby (who's the Property Manager in our community) with his paperwork. We manage to take a week of vacation to travel back to Maine once a year to visit our family, grandchildren & friends. As you can see, I don't let the grass grow under my feet. I'm always moving, doing, helping, wherever I can. I'm looking forward to networking online as well as locally. It's not my favorite thing to do, but it's something I know I need to get more comfortable with. Have a great day everyone! Kathy
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