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  1. Oh boy, I've started the party early I see! We need to start a room mate assignment post or something, I still don't have a roomie either I don't snore, I'm not messy and don't sleep much...HAHAHA what else do you want to know??
  2. Whooohhaaaaaaalololohaaaaaa.......OH man, I think I hurt myself. I was laughing so hard I fell off my throne and twisted my ankle. (Just as a side note: NO ONE DRIVES THE FERRARI BUT ME) Here is me carrying you to the Ferrari...I guess I have to drive now
  3. Well I think this will the most fun I have had in a long time! Brent if your brought the Ferrari you'd have to give us each a ride...well I would want to drive ~Are we there yet?~
  4. Okay, it has to be asked: Do each other's what??? I was just about to ask that very question! Too funny, too funny! I am excited to meet everyone in person...as far as PJs, who doesn't want to go to a PJ party? Especially after walking around in heels all day. Which I do not do on a regular basis anymore Thanks Dana for all the information and I know exactly where that hotel is! I might actually not get lost going to an event...well no I probably will HAHA.
  5. Kathy, You may not be able to get him on the plan back home HAHA
  6. I have not attended an IVAA event yet and the next one is only 3 hours away from me!! How awesome is that! So I am definitely going. How is going to IVAA 2010 in Phoenix? When will they open the registration? Anyone want a 'roomy'? (hey I'll cut my costs where I can! LOL) Is there anything I should know, prepare for, bring? Ok I will stop asking questions now and get back to work!
  7. Delilah I have put them in out look too with a note to self....NO client interference haha Hey I can a little me time right?
  8. Hi Priscilla, I am in Rio Rico about 45 minutes south of Tucson! Nice to meet you. Please introduce yourself in the introduction forum so we can all get to know you better.
  9. Thanks! I made the corrections and now off to submit it
  10. Here is my new PR. Please tell me what you think and if there is anything that can be improved. Thanks everyone! Happy Monday
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