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  1. Hey...I need to pick your brains on Freshbooks, Basecamp, Simply Accounting... I started using Freshbooks a while ago and I was wondering does anyone use it and if so how are you handling your Retainer packages, and accounting for your hours within? I think I may have to switch to Basecamp sooner than later because I forsee my client list growing exponentially over the next few months. Looks like it will handle my tasks, communications better, but what about keeping track of hours/retainer packages? Does anyone use Freshbooks and Simply Accounting together? I record all my work in Freshbooks, create an Invoice and just re-create the Invoice in Simply. But, I think this is going to get cumbersome in keeping them consistent because I may have to invoice from Simply for something else, and then I won't be able to keep the Invoice numbering the same...ugh! Thoughts, experiences?? Thanks! Renee Cornick Virtuacity www.virtuacity.ca
  2. Hi Tracey I use Voicemailtel.com. I use them for my virtual PBX system and with this system I get a local telephone number and a toll free number. I have a Autoattendant setup for my telephone numbers that will answer when someone calls my numbers. Once the person selects the menu choice, the caller will then be transferred to an extension. I have the extension setup that it can ring on my VOIP SIP phone, or my cellphone, or a landline. Whichever I choose. If it transfers to a landline or VOIP phone, you do not incur long distance charges, but if it transfers to a cellphone, then you will incur long distance charges on your cellphone for any call coming through on a number outside your calling area. Of course, you will also incur the long distance charges that will be applicable on the Toll free number, that's a given, regardless of how you accept the calls. You do not have to have an Autoattendant answer the calls, you can have the call automatically transfer to an extension of your choice, which will then terminate on your cellphone, landline or voip phone. I hope this helps you out. Renee Cornick Virtuacity
  3. Well, good thing you got paid. I have a new client who signed up for a monthly retainer package, and he wrote me a cheque and told me to hang on to it for a week or so because he was waiting on funds in his account. I'm still holding onto this cheque, and it has now been weeks. He is not replying back to my emails or phone calls. Luckily, I've only done about 10 hours of work for him out of the 40 hours he signed up for. In addition, his next monthly retainer is coming due, and I haven't heard from him. But, I still have this cheque of his uncashed. What would you do? Cash it? What if it bounces? I'm so frustrated that this client isn't contacting me back, and I have this cheque here that I can't cash, errr. Not a great start to a working relationship. Renee
  4. I would definitely not use my mailing address. I have someone who is setting up a busines here who wants to utilize my virtual assistant services, but wants to have an address here so any mail relating to his business can go to me. I would then check the mailbox weekly and forward any necessary mail to his location. I guess the best thing is to get them to purchase the mailbox, and I will charge them my monthly fee to check it regularly and forward any mail. Do you charge them for the mailbox and then go set it up in their name? Or do you just tell them to contact the Post office? Thanks for the great advice! Renee
  5. Hey girls Just wondering if anyone has provided your address/P.O. Box to clients to use as their address, so that they can have all their company mail sent to that address for you to check on a weekly basis and forward to them? I have several clients interested in this, and would like to know your experience with doing this and if you are using a P.O. Box? Thanks! Renee Cornick Virtuacity
  6. I'm new to sub-contracting, and I'm a little confused here. If I were to sub-contract to another VA, and her subscontractor rate is the same as what my regular rate is to my client, then where is the profit for me? Obviously I wouldn't sub to someone unless they are 25%-50% less than my regular rate. So, what do you do in this instance? Do you charge your client more than what your regular rate is? Do you classify the markup as a Project rate? This is my first time looking at sub-contracting and I do have the need to hire a sub right now for a upcoming project. Any advice is helpful. Renee Cornick Virtuacity www.virtuacity.ca
  7. Here is my first press release. I've received alot of great response, including an article in The Telegram found here and two CBC Morning Show Interviews! Woman Entrepreneur Brings Fresh New Solutions to Struggling Businesses St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, March 6, 2009 -- Renee Cornick, a woman entrepreneur from St. John's, Newfoundland, is pleased to announce relief for small and medium sized businesses from their administrative burdens by launching her Virtual Assistant Company, Virtuacity. “We save you time and money so you can focus your efforts and achieve success. Our services can be tailored to suit your needs and be available when it is convenient to you. A sample of our services includes office support, data entry, word-processing, transcription, and IT support.” “Small and Medium sized enterprises (SME's) help determine the economy's performance and future expansion. It is critical that they maintain growth and stability; therefore it is essential that these SME's have affordable assistance during such tough economic times. They only pay for the time they require, and do not pay for idle time with a traditional assistant,” says Renee Cornick, Owner/Operator of Virtuacity. Partnering with Virtuacity will provide you with relief from maintaining full time salaries, leasing expensive office space, administering health benefits and all other costs associated with full time staff members. What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled entrepreneur who provides virtual administrative support services to businesses. VA's generally work out of their home office, utilizing their own office space, equipment, Internet and telephones. About Virtuacity Virtuacity is a Newfoundland owned and operated virtual assistant company specializing in virtual administrative support services, virtual receptionist, my virtual office, transcription, and IT support. Established by Renee Cornick who is a professional with over 11 years of executive administrative experience. --30--
  8. Hello All! I'm a VA in the making. Recently decided that I would take the plunge and finally do what I've been dreaming of since 2003. I've recently launched Virtuacity, my virtual assistant company here in St. John's, Newfoundland. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone on this forum and becoming a part of the VA world. Your Name: Renee Cornick Your Website URL (if applicable): www.virtuacity.ca Years in Business: >1 Description of your Business, including any specialties: Virtuacity offers reliable and professional virtual assistance services at your fingertips. We provide assistance in executive administration, data entry, virtual receptionist, general and legal transcription, and that's just to name a few. With Virtuacity, we save you money so you can spend it where it's needed most. With us you will not have to worry about paying full time salaries, health benefits, expensive office space and all other added costs that come along with hiring full time staff members. Virtuacity is committed to providing you with the most reliable and professional assistant services available today. Our company was established to allow small and medium sized business owners the flexibility of having a professional assistant while at the same time enhancing their company image for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the benefit of having a full-time assistant at your fingertips, when it's convenient for you. Virtuacity offers the following assistant services to serve you: Virtual Assistant Services -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- word processing data entry proof reading appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, event planning bulk mailings, fax broadcasts, email broadcasts* fax service* daily email service machine and digital transcription (general and legal)** 24hr on-call service* internet research sales and marketing assistance accounts payable/accounts receivable/bank deposits Contact us today to discuss a solution that's just right for you. My Virtual Office -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need to establish a local presence, but don't need office space?...Use our local address to establish a virtual office in Newfoundland. With this service, it will open the doors to a wide range of projects and service contracts available only to local businesses. My Virtual Office services include: Use of our local address for use on your business cards, letterhead, and marketing materials Mail collection and forwarding. Mail is collected, sorted and sent to a location of your choice A local telephone number for use as your virtually established office* Incoming and outgoing faxes - we will collect and forward all faxes to you via email* Virtual Receptionist - we will professionally answer all your incoming calls as per your specifications On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from? I currently live in Torbay, which is a suburb of St. John's, Newfoundland. Are you married? How long? I am happily married to my husband with whom I've been together with for 13 years. Any kids and how old? We have a beautiful little girl who is soon to be 6. Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my two most favorite people in the World, playing, making crafts, enjoying the great outdoors, and oh yes I have a desire to be a do it yourselfer...yes, ladies, I love to pick up the hammer and get the job done! How did you hear about us (i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc.)? Google, Google, Google, keywords Virtual Assistant! I'm interested in hearing about all your experiences, good and bad, learning new tips and tricks, and networking with other VA's. Thanks! Renee
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