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  1. Congrats Karri!!! Wishing you the very best to you, your family and your new addition! Warmly, Sandy
  2. Hey Karri, Wow, I have also been gone WAY too long! I saw you at the conference last year and now you're almost about to give birth!!! Boy does time fly! Congratulations!!!! Warmly, Sandy
  3. It's me...the deer in the headlights!!! (inside joke), but I see NO ONE caught that on film!! I would think that no one would remember me either, except for that last morning. Oh well. It was great to meet everyone!!! I am so glad that I went and have made some great friends for the future!!!! You guys are awesome! Oh yeah...Terry, love the "Sandy Zuniga's hair" picture!!!! That was too funny! Warmly, Sandy
  4. Hi Patty & Yvonne, I'm just catching up on VAN and I am so sorry to hear about both of your losses. I have 3 of my own cats and my "baby" Punkin is 16 yrs old. He is strictly an indoor cat and is my favorite (don't tell the other 2). I just took him in a few weeks ago for a thyroidectomy. I took him in today to get his stitches out and he gained half a pound in 12 days so that's good sign. Since he's getting old, he's getting crabby and not the wonderful disposition he used to have, but he's still my "baby" and he is suppose to be with me for at least another 15 years...I'd like to go for the World record. Anyway, I couldn't imagine life without him, but I know I will have to make that tough decision hopefully a lot later than sooner. My heart goes out to both of you and you're truly loved kitties!! Warmly, Sandy
  5. Sandi, my sincerest sympathies for you and your family. What a tragic turn of events. I am glad to hear that you are taking a different approach to life and your business these days. Good luck to you and as it was said before, you have a lot of support here and we're all pulling for you and your family. Warmly, Sandy
  6. Hi Michelle, I'm sorry I missed this post on Oct. 1st when you announced it. Personally I want to thank you for your help when I first had all my questions and you willingly answered them without hesitation! You are a great person and a wonderful asset to anything you do and everyone you come in contact with! Congratulations on the new job/contact. You're right, you better pace yourself or you might turn your 1 yr contract into a 6 month because you're so good! Good luck with your new choices, the new apt and concentrating on your health and your family! Thanks for updating on us...you know we're all behind you girl!!! Warmly, Sandy
  7. I just got my airline ticket today too! I'm really excited...can't wait to meet all of you! Tawyna, I'd be more than happy to help you as well. Tena and I are rooming together so we can either take shifts or help together. Just let me know. We can also "wing it" at the conference, just need to make sure we meet early. Sandy (Oh yeah, I'm Sandy Z on the list...no i just in case anyone is confused)
  8. Hi Clare, I too am in that point in my life. However, they are closing my corp job and moving it to Atlanta. If all goes well and the company sticks to their word, I should get a small Severance and Retention package after next month, which will help. But after that...it's all me. I'm still trying to land clients...that's a slow process, but I'm hoping it will pick up when I'm not working full-time on my corp job. So, it is actually exciting and scary at the same time. There is something to be said for having a steady income...but I'm also hoping to learn what there is to be said about having your freedom as well!!! Good luck to you and I look forward to sharing our parallel journeys!!!! Warmly, Sandy
  9. Ok, mine is peakassist, however I've never used Skype yet. Sandy
  10. Tawyna, I'm so sorry to hear that your issues aren't getting any better! I haven't been keeping up with VANF like I should lately so when I read this tonight, my heart goes out to you! I was really hoping the Holistic path would really do some good. Not sure, but maybe the US would have better doctors for ya...just kidding, I don't know if that would be true, but there must be something to help you! I wonder if when you're in Dallas for a few weeks if your condition will change at all. It could be environmental and you may not even know it. I know you've lived where you do for years, even before this started, but who knows. I have certain "allergy type" symptoms ever since I moved to Colorado. I have stopped wearing eye makeup and mascara since I've moved here because my eyes were crusty and swelling...without any real reason. I went to the allergist and got a bunch of tests but didn't react to anything strong enough to consider myself "allergic" to it. Keep us informed and good luck!!! Warmly, Sandy
  11. Ok, sorry this is coming a little late, but I just checked into the room rates. I have one of those Entertainment coupon books that come out yearly and diligently looked for Holiday Inn. I eventually found it and it said it was a 20% savings on the room. When I went online and eventually called, I found out with my code I would get Thurs night for $79.50 and Fri & Sat for $55!!!!! The discount won't take effect until I get there and give it hotel, but I think it will work (I'm always skeptical until I have a piece of paper with proof. So, if anyone has the Entertainment book, I'd suggest doing the same! Again, sorry I didn't figure this out earlier. Warmly, Sandy
  12. Hi Jennifer, When I signed up and looked at the Introduction page, it said that Track 3 was full and they weren't taking any more requests for it. Not sure what that means in terms of who is in that track or not. Maybe they have already contacted the people who are, but I'm not sure. Sandy
  13. Hi everyone... Okay, I just signed up for the conference so I'm really looking forward to finally meeting all of you in person!!!! Now, I just have to find decent air fare! Warmly, Sandy
  14. Hi Tawnya, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. I hope you get some relief and answers soon, I know how it feels when you know things aren't right, but can't find someone to pinpoint it. Hey, did your Holistic clients point you in this doctor's direction? Sandy
  15. Actually, that has happened to me in my corp job, we had Dell computers and after almost 2 years, the monitor kept "going to sleep". Eventually the IT dept realized it was the motherboard. Sorry I didn't read this sooner, I would have suggested that. However, I'm glad you figured it out! Sandy
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