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  1. It's me...the deer in the headlights!!! (inside joke), but I see NO ONE caught that on film!! I would think that no one would remember me either, except for that last morning. Oh well. It was great to meet everyone!!! I am so glad that I went and have made some great friends for the future!!!! You guys are awesome! Oh yeah...Terry, love the "Sandy Zuniga's hair" picture!!!! That was too funny! Warmly, Sandy
  2. I just got my airline ticket today too! I'm really excited...can't wait to meet all of you! Tawyna, I'd be more than happy to help you as well. Tena and I are rooming together so we can either take shifts or help together. Just let me know. We can also "wing it" at the conference, just need to make sure we meet early. Sandy (Oh yeah, I'm Sandy Z on the list...no i just in case anyone is confused)
  3. Hi Clare, I too am in that point in my life. However, they are closing my corp job and moving it to Atlanta. If all goes well and the company sticks to their word, I should get a small Severance and Retention package after next month, which will help. But after that...it's all me. I'm still trying to land clients...that's a slow process, but I'm hoping it will pick up when I'm not working full-time on my corp job. So, it is actually exciting and scary at the same time. There is something to be said for having a steady income...but I'm also hoping to learn what there is to be said about having your freedom as well!!! Good luck to you and I look forward to sharing our parallel journeys!!!! Warmly, Sandy
  4. Ok, sorry this is coming a little late, but I just checked into the room rates. I have one of those Entertainment coupon books that come out yearly and diligently looked for Holiday Inn. I eventually found it and it said it was a 20% savings on the room. When I went online and eventually called, I found out with my code I would get Thurs night for $79.50 and Fri & Sat for $55!!!!! The discount won't take effect until I get there and give it hotel, but I think it will work (I'm always skeptical until I have a piece of paper with proof. So, if anyone has the Entertainment book, I'd suggest doing the same! Again, sorry I didn't figure this out earlier. Warmly, Sandy
  5. Hi Jennifer, When I signed up and looked at the Introduction page, it said that Track 3 was full and they weren't taking any more requests for it. Not sure what that means in terms of who is in that track or not. Maybe they have already contacted the people who are, but I'm not sure. Sandy
  6. Hi everyone... Okay, I just signed up for the conference so I'm really looking forward to finally meeting all of you in person!!!! Now, I just have to find decent air fare! Warmly, Sandy
  7. Okay, now I'm frustrated!!! I bought QuickBooks Pro, 2006 Edition for my business and for my personal information. I set up two different "companies", one for PEAK ASSIST and one for personal. The issue I'm having is I can't figure out how to download my banks (multiple banks) and credit card information. Every time I go to download the statement, I have to go to the area that you have to choose the financial institution. Well, none of my banks are listed and neither are most of my credit cards. I mean, I have Discover, that should at least be on there!!! Ugh!! I was trying to find where you can add an institution that's not listed, but it doesn't seem to have that option. I don't do online banking, but I do have the ability to look at my accounts online. The other issue is when I had Quicken, which is also made by Intuit, I found all my accounts on there. Now, why would Quicken have the ability and not QuickBooks, when QuickBooks is supposedly superior to Quicken...but still made by the same company!!!! (I can't find an emoticon with someone ripping their hair out, but if I could, it would go right here!!!) Does anyone know if it is possible to add a financial institution that isn't listed and if so, how do you do it? Thanks for your help! I'll try to keep my sanity until I hear from one of you QB gurus. Sandy
  8. I know when I tried to become a member, months ago, it stated that you had to live in Canada to be a member. Never really made sense to me since the VA business promotes global support. I haven't tried it since the first time, so not sure if they changed the rules or not. Sandy
  9. Thanks Ladies, and Candy for the link. So, is it a lot of work for the client to do a 1099 to send to me? I just want to make sure that I'm not creating more work for them, as a VA, I'm suppose to be helping alleviate their stress and extra work. So, basically, I'm just giving them my information on a W-9 for them to have to fill out the 1099? I am a sole proprietorship, but I did get an EIN (after reading the numerous post trails on it here). And I thought I was just about ready to take off... I did read a lot about this owning my own business, really I did and I even purchased the VAS, but since Tawnya is in Canada, the tax issues are a bit different. Thanks again! Sandy
  10. I am a little confused. Back in Feb. I received a sample proposal from Tracy, through Nancy. I am finally trying to do my first actual proposal for a potential client and as I was modifying it, Tracy has: Upon acceptance of this proposal, your Virtual Assistant, will provide _________________________(Client Name) with a W-9 IRS form and a Work for Hire Agreement as an independent contractor. Ok, I tried to look up W-9 form on the IRS website and it gives instructions but I haven't seen what it is actually for...of course I'm a bit tired and frustrated, so that probably doesn't help. I thought as a business owner, especially a contractor, I would just perform my services, bill my clients and when I get the money, record it as income and then file my taxes quarterly, based on the income I made that quarter. What am I missing here? Do I have to give my clients something to fill out too? I thought it was all my responsibility. Can someone in the US that knows about this stuff help me out? I would truly appreciate the input as I am not an accountant and don't understand a lot of the tax stuff. I just know if I make money I have to give a whole lot of it to the US Government. Thanks, Sandy
  11. Thank you Almira for the offer and it's great to know we have an expert on the board. I know there are others, but I personally don't know who they are...except maybe Michelle. Thanks, Sandy
  12. Way to step up there Michelle! I'm looking forward to hearing more of you wonderful wisdom and personality on here! Thanks for supporting us!
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