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  1. I had no idea Vista Print would do something like that! It is a company I was just about to do business with, I wanted to order all my promotional material from them. This sure changed my mind! I'm sorry this happened to you Crystal. It is outrageous.
  2. Sandra, I decided to stay with my WebEasy 7 Pro for now. It builds websites and that's what I need. You might want to give it a try, it's only about $50 and it comes with templates. It's not Dreamweaver, but it's worth the money. Cris
  3. Thank you for getting the list out Cynthia! I see we already have another member. Is the meeting next week still on? Denise, regarding your question, I'm sort of VA wannabe almost ready-to-be. I don't even know at this point. I've been researching this for a long time and it's something I really want to do. I've done a lot of VA related projects in the past, I had office jobs and managerial positions. Right now I'm waiting for my VAC (it's backordered and I think Tawnya is shipping it today). I'm also praying for some inspiration to find a good business name that's NOT already registe
  4. Ruth, I was just messing with you. You didn't really it for me, you saved me money in the long run. Thank you for posting that. Cris
  5. Ladies, The group I set up on Facebook is a private group right now. I was just trying to keep the creeps and the spammers out and I also wanted us to be able to talk about everything without potential clients seeing it. However, since this is a democracy, if you want it open to everyone - and i mean everyone - let me know and I'll change it. Contact me anytime if you have trouble. Just request to join. Cris
  6. Thank you Ruth! That ruined it for me... but better safe than sorry. Cris Buchert
  7. Hi Val, I just approved your membership. Thank you for volunteering, I would love to help! You can contact me anytime. Cris
  8. We really need to get this going then! Who wants to be in charge of setting a date and getting everyone together? I just created a group on Facebook for DFW VA's. DFW Virtual Assistants. Join and once we have a few members we can set up an event. Cris Buchert
  9. I found this site where you can purchase and download Dreamweaver CS4 for a very low price. It's the Academic Version. Is there a difference between the Academic and the non-academic one? (If you think it's a stupid question, read our motto!) I would love to buy it, but I'd better do some research first. And who better to ask than the pros at VANA? Here's the link, maybe others could use it. Dreamweaver I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you Cris
  10. We already have something in the works. There's going to be a meeting soon in DFW, maybe you can join us. Cris Buchert
  11. Has anyone seen the new Safari 4 Beta? I just downloaded mine and it's really cool. You can view your most visited or favorites on the home page, it's like screens-in-screen. Pretty neat. Cris
  12. What a wonderful idea! Domestic abuse is not as rare as people think, at it often happens in educated, "perfect family" type of environment, as it's kept secret. I hope they get a lot of volunteers. I will do it myself. Cris
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