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  1. Hi Fellow Bookkeepers! My name is Kim and am a Certified QB ProAdvisor and Registered Paraplanner. I started my VA business, Backstage Virtual Assistant, when my employer revamped his business structure and no longer needed an assistant. Now that my daughter is back to school (1st grade) I am putting much more effort into building a client base, networking, and learning. Looking forward to 'meeting' all of you! ~~Kim
  2. Hi Alyssa ~ I also have a bookkeeping business based virtually. I pride myself on helping small businesses with tasks that are not their 'money makers'. I use QuickBooks and am a Certified ProAdvisor through Intuit. I am also Registered Paraplanner with the College for Financial Planning. If you would like to talk about your specific needs feel free to visit my website www.backstagevirtualassistant.com and click the Contact Us page. Best of luck on reaching your goals! Kim
  3. I have been using Chrometa http://wp.me/pDkCW-2Q It captures all your time spent online ~ programs used, webpages visited, and if you are offline it prompts you to enter the task you were working on. It offers ways of grouping and reporting. ~~Kim
  4. I have recently started using Zoho Business & love it so far. I even bought the book "Zoho, Work & Create Online" by Ali Shabdar. I have to admit I have not gotten to read much and most of what I've done has been trial and error. One area that I am stumped with is receiving Email through my Homestead account. I can send using that Email address but can not receive. Any tips? Thanks! Kim kimkaiser@backstagevirtualassistant.com
  5. I have been using JING, but have not tried major editing with it yet. I love that it is always running in the background and you don't have to open a program to capture something. ~~Kim
  6. I just signed up and made my template - needs some adjustments after reading a note I Emailed to myself. After you tweak the letters to your liking I think it will work great! As mentioned above, you will need to convert to PDF or maybe use a screen capture tool like JING. Have fun playing with it ~ I am Kim Kaiser, RP www.backstagevirtualassistant.com
  7. What a beautiful story, Lynne! It makes me feel peaceful thinking about your surroundings Being relatively new to the forum myself, I look forward to getting to know you and all my other future VA friends~ ~~Kim
  8. Thanks for the tips ~ I guess I should have checked the capability of copy & paste into a web page. I am entering them all individ~~ually with links opening in a separate page so to leave my website open. ~~Kim
  9. I have an Excel spreadsheet with active links of all my favorite web tools and want to put it up on my website. When I try to do this it only shows as a link versus the list itself. Anyone have a trick to accomplish this? Thanks so much! Kim
  10. Great Ideas! I am just starting out with a VERY talkative/wanting to help all the time 4 year old. Thanks Ladies! ~~Kim
  11. Lauren - I am a world away from you; just south of Rochester on outskirts of Finger Lakes Region ~~Kim
  12. Hi Everyone- I'm from Upstate NY and very interested in pursuing a VA career. I have been married for 11 years and have a beautiful 4 year old girl. I have been a hairdresser for almost 20 years and work at home doing that now. I have worked for (and still do 3 days a week) a Certified Financial Planner for 6 years, have the Registered Paraplanner designation, an associates in accounting, knowledge in many financial/accounting programs, along with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. I have begun the AIPB certified bookkeeper program. Also, at work I am enrolling in the Quickbooks Proadvisor program once my boss renews our QB subscription. I am currently designing a logo (with help) and researching website development - I am looking forward to getting to know you all and learning from your experiences! ~~Kim
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