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  1. Hi Kathy, let us know if you already thought of a name! Welcome!
  2. Hi there, we're planning to go to BKK in October on our way to Cambodia
  3. I actually dont like to explain what a VA is so I just say that I'm an online slave:)
  4. Thanks for the thought. Since I maintain several sites, I think I'll ask someone to write for me instead since I can't keep up with all the work. Thanks for the directory list Angela!
  5. I usually view testimonials with links as credible testimonials. I've been reading sites with dubious testimonials and there's just no way to know whether the testis are genuine or not because there's no link to refer to. Pros of having the link included: adds to the credibility of the site Cons: If the site offers the same services as you do, then there's a chance that your will lose a potential client to that site.
  6. I forgot to add press release submission to PR sites
  7. Some tips in getting clients: 1. Netwok with fellow VAs. A forum like VAN is helpful. You can also join VA yahoo groups. There are a few existing ones out there. 2. Write articles and submit to article sites for people to reprint your articles with your credentials on it 3. Search Engine Optimization 4. Attending your local chamber of commerce 5. Giving out brochures, leaflets, calling cards 6. Sending emails to prospective clients about your company and services 7. Enlisting your company with a local magazine or newspaper 8. Google Adwords Campaign 9. Blog about your business 10. Cold calling (although some people might be annoyed by callers)
  8. As a web designer / graphic designer, I make it clear to the client before we start the project whether I would charge for the revisions of the project or not. Usually, if the client wants unlimited revisions, I charge him a one-time price. But normally, I just do two revisions for logos and graphics. The client expects me to do an outstanding job that requires minimal revisions so it would be unfair to him if I produce a sub-par design and charge him for all the revisions I did on his project.
  9. The best you can do is to penalize the offender by asking him/her to pay a certain amount for copying your content unless he apologized and removed them instantly.
  10. I would buy a domain, cheap hosting and install a wordpress blog and attach it to my site and use the blog to market my company's services.
  11. I'd have to agree with the above post. If you are marketing your VA services, it's better to focus on VA-related articles rather than a much broader topic. You can also write articles about the services you offer. Aside from publishing your articles on your site, you can also submit your articles to article sites, blog feeds, social bookmarking sites like delicious. It's best to have a blog attached to your site to update your content every now and then. Regards, Thea
  12. HI everyone, What's the reasonable price per lead? Is it the same as the hourly rate? Curious to know -Thea
  13. Thansks for all your input. I absolutely hate spam mails too. And my emails had also been sold countless times! I have no idea how they extracted the emails and I don't know if they are reliable.
  14. Someone's selling me 3 million email addresses plus a bulk emailer. She said that I can market my sites to 3 million emails at once. If you were in my shoes, would you buy the list? If yes, would you buy it for $1 per 1,000 email? Thanks!
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