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    I live in SW Florida. I love the beach. I love my gardening. It's a Wonderful Life...Jimmy Stewart just doesn't know.
  1. Good Morning VAs, We hope all of you are well today. It is cold in SW Florida.... When I am blogging, particularly replying to a blog, I use "I" becasue "we" can't all blog at the same time. However, I use "we" when I am sending communications or ads from Callmyofficestaff.com. There is only an "I" at this location, but I do have others that I will outsource different services. Therefore, there is always a "we" on staff. Scott
  2. I did the same thing, Tracey. I started out with 'we', but didn't feel right until I changed it to 'I' because it was just me. I agree, it is a personal choice and whatever you are comfortable with. Denise
  3. Wow! I need more assistance then I thought. Everytime I move from the forum page, it takes me 5 or 10 minutes to get back to the postings. It is really frustrating. If someone where to respond to my posting, how do I know? Where would the response be?
  4. Hello Community. I am a new VA... I have only been on-line for 2 weeks. I have done some meanial tasks for a few friends, but now I need "real" clients. Hoping to learn a lot from this community. I also hope that I will be able to provide some knowledge as well. Please keep me straight!
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