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  1. I would have loved to come, but I'm reading it now Next time!!
  2. Our Calgary meetup was a success!! It was also a birthday party surprise for Tawnya Sutherland at Red Lobster! Arnie's (her significant other) idea was to have her flown into Calgary for dinner and have fellow VA's join them, along with some of their family for a great birthday party. As we had to keep it a secret on the site, I had PM'd everyone that expressed interest in the get -together. Needless to say Tawnya had no idea! Thanks to everyone for coming! It was a pleasure for us to meet Tawnya, Arnie and fellow VA's from Alberta. Special thanks to Yvonne for her help and delicio
  3. Hi Denise, not at all! We'd love to have you come, the more the merrier! I'll PM you the details.
  4. Calling all Calgary and area VA's!! I have PM'd everyone who's replied and we're planning a date. Would anyone else like to come? Newbies welcome !
  5. This is great, looks like a group is forming! We'll provide a lot of notice (I have little ones too..) and take pictures. Yaaa!
  6. That would be great! I'm trying to link up with a VA group that meets in Calgary, I'll drop you a line if I find out anything. We'll keep this post going to drum up more interest.
  7. Good morning ladies, would any Calgary and area VA's like to meet up? I'm new and would love to connect with other VA's.
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