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  1. Thanks, Danielle. Her current website is a wp.com site, so we don't have the plugin abilities right now. A new wp.org should be launching in 2017. Perhaps if I can promise her I'll add something to that when it launches she'll stop worrying about it so much now. Her market is women over 40 going through major life transitions. In terms of online hangouts, I think they are primarily in various FB groups. She is focusing on building her list, but right now it is mostly local women who have taken part in her live classes near her home. So we are working on a plan, but I'm not a marketing/list building guru (though I'm learning so much here and got lots of good info from VAVS). But she's really focused on this twitter thing and I wanted to be able to go back to her with some info. As I said, hopefully with a promise of it on her new website she can focus on other things. Thanks!
  2. HI all, I have a client who is really gung ho on "Click To Tweet." She's looking at it as a tool for people on her list or visitors to her website to easily share her info/opt-in page. I'm not super Twitter savvy, but from what I gather, I'd use the clicktotweet website to create a link to whatever she wants to share. Then that link can be put anywhere - emails, FB, website, etc. Then when a visitor clicks the link, it shares it on their twitter page, right? I ask because... her target market is women over 40! And most are over 50. I don't see this as a smart idea at all as hardly anyone in that market are on twitter. The client just did a free webinar a few months ago and half the people couldn't figure out how to log on properly - this is not a market of tweeters! So I guess I'm asking... #1 - Am I missing something with Click To Tweet? Is it more useful than I think? #2 - Is there a better option to make her opt-in page more easily shareable for less tech savvy people?
  3. Thanks, all. Started today and she'd already had her IT guy do the set up on her end. Another question - I'm trying to link it to my gmail so I can check from there, but I keep getting a message that the username and/or password are wrong. Is that something I should also bring up with her IT guy? Or is the fix one of those weird Google ones - 'check this random box on another page that you'd think has nothing to do with email' kinda things?
  4. Yes, Jodie, exactly. Ok, so set up is on her end. Awesome - thank you!
  5. Hi all, I'm starting with a new client next week (yay!). She mentioned briefly something about me having a company email on our exploratory call - said something like "I guess we'll set up your Outlook for that." She's a fast talker and basically moved on to the next topic. Here's the issue - I don't use Outlook. I just use a gmail address. I have Outlook on my laptop, of course, but I've never set it up. I want to be knowledgeable when I speak to her next week...and know nothing! Should I set up an @outlook.com email address? Should I set up Outlook and link my Gmail to it? I'm assuming she's on a server and not using 365. Any background/tips anyone wants to share woukd be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi all, I have a client who would like to print up some promo items - pens, notepads, maybe even some shirts. I know there are places like VistaPrint and CustomInk, but have no experience with either. Anyone have a vendor they love for promo items? If it matters, my client is in the San Diego area - in case anyone has local vendors to recommend. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Janine! You provided a lot of useful info. It's making more sense now. Kathy:)
  8. Ah ha - good question... Client wants others to promote product(s). Client is having a live event. Wants to let people who are attending invite others as an "affiliate program." Does that make sense?
  9. I'd never even heard of affiliate programs until the VAVS seminar this year (though I was just starting my VA business, so I guess that's understandable!). I have a client who uses 1SC and wants to add an affiliate link for an event. I have watched some online videos and think I understand the concept of how to set up the programs/links. What I have no clue on... How to people actually get paid??? I see in the set up it has the option of PayPal or Paypal or check. Does the client's PayPal have to be linked in 1SC? I don't think it is (I'm no 1SC guru, mind you, so maybe I just haven't found that area?) Though we haven't set up any affiliates yet, so maybe when we do that part it will ask for the PayPal info? And then when payment time comes, it just automatically generates? The whole paying out thing is what I'm stumped on now. Anyone want to un-stump me?? Thanks!
  10. Hmm, my first thought is why can't they give you their credit card number so you can buy it that way? Of course, I'm assuming it's an online purchase. Maybe you could invoice them separately for that? Then attach the receipt and keep it with your other business expenses and don't claim it as income? Clearly I don't know the answer! Just musing...
  11. This is a timely (pun intended!) topic. I have a newish client who I think I need to have a chat with. I edit her newsletter then set it up/schedule for sending in Mailchimp. It goes out on a certain day each month. Out first month I came into it already formatted, so it took only 10 minutes to double check everything and schedule. This month I did the whole process soup to nuts. Since things in the newsletter need to link back to things in her blog, I had to do all the blog updating/scheduling first. Then the newsletter. So it took over an hour, and then a few 10 minute bouts of back and forth for her editing input/changes. Also, she had writer's block this month, so instead of getting it to me mid-week last week, I didn't get it until Friday noonish. And I had other client work on Friday and personal stuff to do. Which meant this work pushed into Sat and Sun. I suppose I could have worked later on Fri to do it instead of the weekend, but even still I'd be over my stated M-F 8:30-4pm hours. She was very nice and apologized about the late turn in. And I DID tell her I'd do it before the 4th (day it needs to go out). But it's still fair for me to say, "Going forward, if I don't get something by Friday at 8am, I can't guarantee it will be done before the weekend" or something like that, right?
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