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  1. Sorry for the delay...just liked your FB page
  2. I still need Two more likes...I'll return the favor as soon as I finish my luncheon! Thanks BG
  3. Okay ladies, I just Liked everyone under 25, please return the favor My link Thanks BG
  4. I'm so glad you have found this tool useful! I'm always getting great tips and ideas from the site, it feels good to be able to contribute too!
  5. If anyone is wanting to upgrade from the run of the mill email signatures, I recommend WiseStamp It's free and ad free, even gives the option to remove their name and logo if so desired! Also, it allows you to include social media buttons for Twitter, FaceBook, etc, as-well-as your latest blog article! Let me know what you think
  6. Another option is to use WiseStamp It's a really great tool, free, no ads, and option to remove the WiseStamp name and logo!
  7. Hi All, I wanted to know just how effective email marketing is with clientele these days? I'm constantly cleaning/filtering and unsubscribing to newsletters and the like. For my business site, I have a page for news and updates. For my blog I still use an email marketing client. Is there a better way to keep clientele updated?
  8. Hi Sharon, To my understanding, they are basically one and the same, you or another party will not release any named confidential material for the specified amount of time. You may want to research further or seek legal consultation depending on complexity of the material.
  9. Thanks ladies! I will look into each of these...Patty, as many times as I have seen your post to others regarding the VAnetworking Toolbar, I should have known to check there first.
  10. Hello All, I was wondering if there is a free PDF creator compatible with Acrobat for the purpose of publishing an ebook? Thanks!
  11. I just upgraded to the BB Curve a week ago and I absolutely love it!
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